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    7 Nifty Tutorials That Will Help You Get Every Kind Of Stain Out

    Raise your hand if you wish it was fashionable to wear bibs at lunch.

    1. Pick up grease stains with a bit of dish soap.

    Pre-treat the stain by using an old toothbrush to rub soap into the fibers of the of clothes, then toss it directly into the washing machine. The stain should lift right out.

    Watch the full how-to video here.

    2. Pour rubbing alcohol onto paint stains and scrub.

    3. Soak up foundation with baking soda and a wet toothbrush.

    You might want to let the paste sit for an hour to make sure the baking soda soaks up all the oils.

    See how to get out other makeup stains here.

    4. Mop up a coffee stain with vinegar and baking soda.

    A vinegar-baking soda combo works to pick up a bunch of different stains.

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    5. Pick up a carpet spill with a mixture of white vinegar, water, and dish soap.

    6. Press an iron on top of a paper towel to pick up candle wax.

    7. Soak white underwear in hydrogen peroxide if your period came a day early.