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    9 Pinterest Hacks That Might Just Make Summer A Little More Bearable

    The real question is, where am I not sweating?

    Hi, I'm Emily, and I think summer is trash.

    Here are a few popular Pinterest hacks I tried to help me chill out this summer:

    1. Rub gel deodorant on your feet to prevent blisters.

    2. Line the underarms of your white tees with pads or pantyliners to keep them dry and free of ugly sweat stains.

    3. And stick pantyliners to the inside of a bra to soak up boob sweat.

    4. Freeze a clean, wet sponge to make an ice pack for your lunch.

    5. Place a pint of ice cream in a Yeti tumbler with ice in the bottom so it doesn't melt into soup.

    6. Rub petroleum jelly on your thighs to reduce chafing.

    7. Spray yourself with diluted peppermint oil to cool down if there's no AC around.

    8. And put a cup of ice water in front of a fan to hack an AC.

    In conclusion, even though not all of the hacks worked, I feel so much more prepared for the rest of the summer.

    I'm absolutely thrilled I can wear sandals now that I have a great blister prevention hack. And on those particularly hot days, I'll definitely be lining my white shirts with pantyliners — a little sweat is not gonna stop me from putting together a great outfit. 😎 I'll also definitely be carrying my trusty peppermint spray in my purse every day for the rest of this heckin' season. Good luck out there, kiddos!