13 Helpful Charts For Anyone Who's Hosting Guests Over The Holidays

    A supply list for the guest room, a fridge storage guide, and a conversion chart!

    1. This supply list so your guest room is always fully stocked.

    2. This wine guide that will help you figure out what bottle will go best with your main.

    3. These serving size suggestions that will help you make sure you’ll have enough to keep everyone's glasses and bellies full.

    4. This helpful diagram that will help you build the perfect cheese plate.

    5. This table setting diagram that you will need if you always forget that the fork goes on the left — I MEAN, RIGHT.

    6. This conversion chart that will help you get all your baking done without a hitch.

    7. This storage guide that will help you pack everything without turning your fridge and freezer into a disorganized mess.

    8. This go-to list of simple and satisfying hors d'oeuvres that will help you prep ahead of time so you don't have to fuss over complicated recipes.

    9. This handy stain removal guide that WILL save your clothing and linens at some point in the evening.

    10. This cute wheel that will prevent you from getting sick on the leftovers.

    11. This party planning checklist that will keep you organized, so you aren't scrambling the day of.

    12. This list of tips that you will need to make your home smell nice.

    13. And this step-by-step guide to carving a turkey that, no matter how many times you've done it, you will still probably need.