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    How To Redecorate Your Home When You Have, Like, No Spending Money

    Draw fake herringbone tiles on the walls and marbleize your terra-cotta pots.

    1. Use a stencil to give simple curtains an eye-catching pattern.

    2. Spray-paint rocks to make bookends that look like big hunks of gold.

    3. Build a whole home office on the wall if you're working in a small space.

    4. Dip your terra-cotta pots in paint so they're just as cute as the plants that live inside them.

    5. Paint over glass jars to make decorative storage containers that look like classy vintage finds.

    6. Cover your laminate countertops in concrete to give your kitchen an industrial look.

    7. Assemble a ladder out of wooden dowels and copper joints to hang your towels or blankets.

    8. Paint wooden boxes to make beautiful storage for smaller items.

    9. Wrap twine around a few thick dowels to make a minimalist coat rack.

    10. Make decorative shelves for a tiny bathroom or kitchen using copper pipes and painted wood.

    11. Frame free printables if your walls are looking bare, but your wallet is a little too empty to spend cash on art.

    12. Fold hardware cloth into upscale-looking wire baskets that'll help you get every room in your house in order.

    13. Spray-paint mismatching clothing hangers to give your closet a more uniform look.

    14. Draw a fake herringbone tile on your walls to give your kitchen a trendy update.

    15. And mount the head of a desk lamp using dowels to make matching wall sconces for your bed.