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10 Expert Tips For Organizing Your House & Kitchen In A Not-Stressful Way

Start with these.

Meet Kay Patterson. She's a professional Boston-based home organizer and the mind behind the Organized Soprano on YouTube.

Here are some of Kay's best tips for getting your space in order:

1. Create "zones" in high-use spaces — like your fridge or pantry — so that everything has a spot. (Even if the items in it are always changing!)

A fridge packed with condiments, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and containers

2. And give those spaces a quick tune-up every once in a while.

An open cabinet displaying plastic containers and jars filled with staples, a collection of cans on a step shelf, and condiments on a turntable above a Soda Stream, a toaster, a bread saver, and a speaker

3. It's worth creating zones in closets, too.

A corner closet with four short hanging rods, a chest of drawers, and several shelves holding boxes, bins, and baskets

4. And consider investing in a few (cheap but functional!) storage pieces so you can take advantage of those closet dead spaces.

5. Digitize files if you don't need hard copies.

A small desk under three shelves and next to a bookcase with glass doors

6. Use organizers and dividers to keep drawers under control.

A drawer of video games and video game controllers

7. Prioritize visibility over maximizing your space, even if it means sacrificing some of the space toward the backs of the cabinets.

A collection of cans on a 3-tiered, expandable step shelf

8. Clearly communicate your ~maintenance expectations~ to the people you live with.

9. But know that everyone's standards for cleanliness or tidiness are different — and that's totally OK.

A cabinet of gardening supplies

10. Make the shopping part of the process the last step in organizing your space.

A skinny rolling cart holding laundry supplies next to a washing machine

And last, set reasonable goals for your organization project so that you feel prepared (and maybe even excited?!) to take on the next one.

A dog sitting next to a drawer of dog treats, toys, and food

For more tips from Kay Patterson, follow the Organized Soprano on YouTube or Instagram. ✨