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    31 Pieces Of Home Decor Under $50 That You Can Get At Walmart

    🎶Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose home is the fairest of them all? 🎶

    1. A set of arrow bookends for your collection of library books that you'll surely shoot through in a matter of days.

    2. An over-the-toilet shelf that'll display all of your favorite beauty products and hold a bunch of extra rolls of toilet paper so you're never stuck on the toilet without a spare.

    3. A retro clock for your kitchen so you don't lose track of the time.

    4. A transitional desk if you need a space to do your work but don't actually have space for anything too bulky.

    5. A foldable seagrass basket that'll help you get a *handle* on all of your stuff.

    6. A decorative tray that'll help you clean up the front door console, or display your perfumes and jewelry in the bedroom.

    7. A velvet blackout curtain if you love covering your apartment in soft, luxurious fabrics and hate when the sun wakes you up at the crack of dawn.

    8. A decorative statue that has absolutely no purpose other than to announce, "I have more money than I know what to do with." We won't tell your guests that you spent $20 on it.

    9. A three-pack of floating shelves to elevate even the kitschiest of knick-knacks.

    10. A piece of canvas art because we could all use something joyful to hang on our walls.

    11. A gorgeous stone organizer to give your bathroom vanity a rustic appeal.

    12. Or a matching bath set so your entire bathroom is covered in a pretty eucalyptus.

    13. A buffalo check curtain because this summer is all gingham everything.

    14. An ornamental mirror so you can check your reflection before you head out to make sure that you look as put-together as your home.

    15. A textured throw pillow to help soften the look of your living room and make it so much more inviting.

    16. A wax warmer because the scent of a home is just as important as the decor.

    17. A pedestal vase you can fill with fruit, flowers, or decorative spheres to create a beautiful centerpiece for your dining room table.

    18. A macrame piece that'll look gorgeous on any wall of your home or dangling in a large window.

    19. A peel and stick wallpaper to give your walls the look of exposed brick without actually having exposed brick. Do you know how difficult it is to clean exposed brick?! And forget trying to hang anything on it! I'll pass.

    20. An upholstered headboard that'll tie — or, shall we say, tuft — the whole room together.

    21. A simple little nightstand with plenty of counterspace and legs for days.

    22. A planter box full of artificial succulents if you'd love to bring a little green into your bedroom but have a black thumb.

    23. A stylish rug that looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    24. A copper stool with a removable lid and plenty of room to store outdoor cushions or gardening tools.

    25. A set of mid-century kids' chairs that will look so cute in the playroom.

    26. A stylish throw blanket that will give your living room couch an attractive texture.

    27. A three-pack of kitchen canisters so you can keep your pantry staples on the counter.

    28. A console table because you deserve to be greeted by beautiful furniture as soon as you walk in the door.

    29. A floor lamp that is so stately, no one would dare throw shade at it.

    30. A 5-piece set of marble coasters so that you don't *hex* your coffee table with a water ring.

    31. And a set of four frames for all of your favorite art and family photos.

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