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    7 Genius Ways To Hide A Spare Key If You're Always Forgetting Yours

    Because no one will guess that the key is underneath the sprinkler.

    1. Attach an outdoor socket cover to the wall and stick the key in there instead of an actual electrical plug.

    Caroline Miller / BuzzFeed

    Hide it behind one of the shrubs to be really sneaky.

    2. Top an empty jar with a drain cover, then bury it in the dirt and pop the key inside.

    Caroline Miller / BuzzFeed

    Twist the drain cover to remove the cap and grab or stow the spare!

    3. Cover a pill canister with a hose nozzle to disguise it as a sprinkler.

    Caroline Miller / BuzzFeed

    Dig a hole that's just skinny enough to wedge in the canister. So simple!

    4. Or glue a rock to the top of the pill canister's cap, then sit it in your garden.

    Caroline Miller / BuzzFeed

    Nothin' to see here folks!

    5. Glue rare earth magnets to a door knocker so you can pull it off the door with a tug to grab the key out of the back.

    Caroline Miller / BuzzFeed

    It's basically hiding in plain sight.

    Get a pack of 35 magnets from Amazon for $8.99.

    6. Spray-paint a big glob of dried hot glue brown to cover a buried jar with fake poo.

    Caroline Miller / BuzzFeed

    No one's ever going to go near that crap.

    7. Or store the key in an empty water shut-off valve, which you can hide under a hose bibb.

    Caroline Miller / BuzzFeed

    Just unscrew the end cap to hide the key, then bury the hose bibb with the end cap in the ground.

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