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    15 Anthropologie DIYs That Don't Cost A Ton To Make

    Anthropologie trends, budget-friendly prices.

    1. Glue beads to a few of your bobby pins for a personalized hair accessory.

    2. Decoupage pretty patterned paper to your knobs with the help of plastic wrap.

    3. Shape and paint clay for a set of cute ring holders.

    4. String together a few handmade tassels for a cute pair of earrings.

    5. Or string together some beads and a tassel for a new statement necklace.

    6. Spray-paint your letter holder to make your "to do" pile at least *appear* less daunting.

    7. Iron tiny heart appliques onto an old long-sleeve shirt.

    8. Make a delicately decorated mirror by shoving gold wire into a styrofoam disc and sticking a mirror on top.

    9. Or just cover a mirror with gold or silver foil for something a bit simpler.

    10. Cover a dollar-store clipboard in rose gold contact paper for a gorgeous calendar stand.

    11. And spray-paint your rusty wire mesh baskets to match.

    12. Thin out some porcelain to cover your plates and trays in watercolor.

    13. Sew a few pom-poms to your pillows.

    14. Or add fuzzy tassels to make your fuzzy blankets even fuzzier.

    15. Cover labels with chalkboard paint and attach them to your mason jars for a more organized spice rack.