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15 Anthropologie DIYs That Don't Cost A Ton To Make

Anthropologie trends, budget-friendly prices.

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3. Shape and paint clay for a set of cute ring holders.

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Polymer clay is pretty cheap, so you don't have to worry about doing it perfectly on your first try. Get a box of 1.75 pounds worth of polymer clay from Amazon for $9.26 and see the instructions for this project here.


6. Spray-paint your letter holder to make your "to do" pile at least *appear* less daunting.

This tutorial provides instructions for actually building your own letter holder, but you can just spray-paint one you already own or purchase one for $12.99 on Amazon.


10. Cover a dollar-store clipboard in rose gold contact paper for a gorgeous calendar stand.

The tutorial for this one is a bit more ~involved~ but you definitely don't need to add on all the extra features if you want to keep it simple. Consider keeping the clip on the clipboard instead of adding the dowel and hanging it on your wall instead of adding the stand. Then the only supplies you would need would be the rose gold contact paper.


15. Cover labels with chalkboard paint and attach them to your mason jars for a more organized spice rack.

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Get the instructions here. If you don't have the steadiest hand, you can use these stick-on chalkboard labels. Get some from Amazon for $12.05.