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    29 Pictures Of Beautiful Bathrooms That'll Actually Calm You Down

    Bath or shower, doesn't matter — these bathrooms are heavenly. 😇

    1. There's something about a beautiful bathroom that just makes you unclench.

    2. It's hard to put your finger on exactly what's so soothing about a well-designed lavatory.

    3. It could just be the cleanliness of a blank space.

    4. But, then again, bathrooms with different colors and materials are just as inviting.

    5. Maybe it's just the sun streaming in and making everything glow...

    6. Or the soft lighting that makes everything oh-so cozy.

    7. And there's no denying how relaxing it is to hang out in the tub after a long week.

    8. Something about the elegant curves of a bath that makes us say, ahhh.

    9. Taking the time to fill a tub with little luxuries is almost as lovely as the actual bath.

    10. Popping in a few bath bombs, scattering a few salts, lighting a few candles.

    11. Opening up a new book.

    12. Let's not, however, ignore the healing powers of a long and steamy shower.

    13. Who can deny that a waterfall shower head can wash away all the troubles of the day?

    14. Belting out some Whitney Houston while you scrub the sweat off your brow and out of your hair.

    15. Maybe it's just the simple pleasures of being naked in the privacy of your own home.

    16. Which feels even more magical when you're looking out on a marvelous view.

    17. But being naked outside has its perks, as well.

    18. Fight me all you want, but feeling the cool breeze while chilling in a warm bath is nothing to scoff at.

    19. You can't deny that getting prepped and ready in a bathroom as fabulous as your new outfit is truly invigorating.

    20. I mean, c'mon. How could you possibly be cranky after brushing your teeth at this mermaid-esque vanity?

    21. Doing your makeup in front of a mirror that's framed in millennial pink is almost as energizing as that cup of coffee you're sippin' on.

    22. It doesn't have to be super grand or anything.

    23. Even if your bathroom isn't as freakin' fantastic as this colorfully-tiled masterpiece.

    24. Or as fancy as this palace that's been wallpapered in gold.

    25. Or as zen as this plant-filled oasis.

    26. Your bathroom is still the place that you can spend just a little extra time amping yourself up for another day.

    27. Or spending a few extra minutes just unwinding.

    28. And mellowing out.

    29. And remember, your bathroom doesn't have to literally look like a spa to feel like one, as long as it inspires you to take a moment to just chill out.