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17 Gifts For Your Friend Who Just Won't Stop Talking About Poop

It's all a bunch of crap.

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2. This poop onesie for the poop-lover who will always sacrifice fashion for comfort.

You can also order actual poop from this company. They've got chicken shit, horse shit, you name it and they'll deliver it.

Get it from I Poop You Fashion for $60.

5. This sticker for your friend who can't decide what they love more: poop or Ron Swanson.

"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing."

You can get this enormous sticker at Redbubble for $16 but they also have a small one for $2.40.


11. For your poo-loving friend that loves to keep things organized, this log (omg, they're making a pun) includes a glossary, checklist, and a score chart.

Maybe this will keep them from telling you about their poops but probably not.

Get it at Amazon for $8.71.

12. Or this poop Rice Krispie cake.

Ok, that's different. Who wouldn't want that?

Get it from Mister Krisp, price upon request.