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17 Gifts For Your Friend Who Just Won't Stop Talking About Poop

It's all a bunch of crap.


You know exactly who I'm talking about.


They talk about poop, they send pictures of their poop, they're out of control.

But you love them and for Christmas you want to get them a present that would mean the world to them.


Namely, a poop gift.

1. This mug for the classiest pooper you know.

She's so dainty and yet loves poop. Get this one from Etsy for $16.

2. This poop onesie for the poop-lover who will always sacrifice fashion for comfort.

You can also order actual poop from this company. They've got chicken shit, horse shit, you name it and they'll deliver it.

Get it from I Poop You Fashion for $60.

3. Some literature for the high cultured pooper.

There are so many books about poop, you would shit yourself. Like this one. And this one. And this one if your poop-loving friend is in elementary school (likely).

Get this one at Amazon for $12.98.

4. And this pen for the low cultured pooper.

Get it for $5.82.

5. This sticker for your friend who can't decide what they love more: poop or Ron Swanson.

"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing."

You can get this enormous sticker at Redbubble for $16 but they also have a small one for $2.40.

6. This poop wrapping paper to wrap the poop gift you bought for your poop-loving friend.

Get it at Zazzle for $14.95.

7. This porta squatty for the pooper that is always on the go.

When you gotta go you gotta go.

Get it at Squatty Potty for $35.

8. This shower curtain to help your poop-obsessed friend analyze their poop.

"So, like, what's your type?"

Get it from Cafe Press for $39.95.

9. This coloring book when said friend needs a little motivation.

Get it at Amazon for $7.99.

10. These rubber duckies for the poop-lover who is also a bath-lover.

Maybe you want to reconsider this friendship.

Get them at Amazon for $12.99.

11. For your poo-loving friend that loves to keep things organized, this log (omg, they're making a pun) includes a glossary, checklist, and a score chart.

Maybe this will keep them from telling you about their poops but probably not.

Get it at Amazon for $8.71.

12. Or this poop Rice Krispie cake.

13. These poop nail decals for your poop-loving friend that keeps things classy (usually).

Get them from Etsy for $7.

14. This Fart Candle for your poop-obsessed friend who resents the idea of masking poop smells.

Yes, it actually smells like farts. Get it from the Stinky Candle Company for $9.99.

15. This "Gnome on a Throne" statue for poop-lovers that are subversive suburbia-dwellers.


They love two things: poop and being passive aggressive.

Get it from Wayfair for $22.95.

16. This poopie patch for your poop-obsessed friend that is also obsessed with the embroidering trend.

Get it at Amazon for $3.59.

17. This poop tie for the professional pooper.

Yup. He still has a job.

Get it at Zazzle for $29.95.

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