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26 Really Clever Gardening Tricks

No green thumb required.

1. Cut and fold toilet paper rolls to make biodegradable planters.

2. Blend moss with beer and sugar to make moss paint.

3. Twist a leaf off at the stem to get a clean break if you want to propagate a new succulent.

4. Save your orange rinds to use as seed starters.

5. Grow seeds in egg shells to repel pests and provide your plants with calcium.

6. Poke holes in the cap of a milk jug to make a watering can.

7. Or cut the milk jug into a hand spade.

8. Mount your herb garden on the wall with an Ikea wine holder.

9. Snip basil stems at an angle and stick them in a glass so you never need to throw unused herbs in the trash again.

10. Place the root of celery in a dish of water and transfer to soil when the roots have grown.

11. Cut the outer layers of a sprouted onion and plant the roots.

12. Stick your plants in a bath caddy so they get more direct light.

13. Or grow them in an over-the-door shoe rack.

14. Fill a wine bottle with water and stick it in the dirt to make a self-watering insert.

15. Make seed tape out of toilet paper to evenly space your seeds.

16. Toss your coffee grounds in the soil instead of the trash to fertilize your plants and attract worms.

17. Line your pots with coffee filters to keep the soil in the pot where it belongs.

18. Lubricate garden shears with car wax so you get a nice snip every time.

19. Sprinkle a little baking soda onto the dirt to make your tomatoes a little bit sweeter.

20. Store your tools in a mixture of sand and baby oil to keep them in good condition.

21. Roll seeds in a wet paper towel to test whether they are viable.

22. Line the bottoms of your planters with diapers to keep your plants hydrated.

23. Spray your plants with a garlic mint tea to keep the bugs away.

24. Stick a few paint stir sticks in the ground to use as garden markers.

25. Or print out labels to stick on these highly rated copper markers.

26. And build a trellis out of bamboo poles and zip ties if your vines are growing too darn fast.

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