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    13 "Friends" Moments That'll Make You Want To Binge-Watch All 10 Seasons (Yet Again)

    "Meet Princess Consuela Banana Hammock!"

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    After 16 years, the Friends gang is finally planning a reunion.

    Without further ado:

    1. When Ross is freaking out because no one is ready for the museum event where he is giving a speech, and Chandler and Joey agitate him further by fighting over a chair.

    Chandler telling Joey, "Get out of my chair, dill hole" and Chandler watching Joey take the chair cushions

    2. When Monica gives Chandler a lesson in sex ed.

    Monica saying, "Seven" and Monica holding up seven fingers

    3. When Phoebe changes her name to "Princess Consuela Banana Hammock" instead of simply taking her husband's last name.

    Phoebe saying, "Meet Princess Consuela Banana Hammock" and Mike saying, "Just Crap Bag. First name, Crap, last name, Bag"

    4. When Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler doin' it from Ugly Naked Guy's window after she and Rachel go with Ross to check out the apartment.

    Phoebe screaming, "Chandler and Monica!" and Ross jumping and screaming

    5. When Marcel reaches sexual maturity, and Ross has to apply to a bunch of zoos so that he with the other monkeys.

    Ross telling Joey and Chandler, "Our first choice would be one of the bigger state zoos like San Diego, but that may just be a pipe dream because he's out of state" and Ross telling Marcel, "We didn't get into Scranton. That was like our party zoo"

    6. When Phoebe tries to teach Joey to speak French for an audition.

    Joey saying, "Bleh de la bleh de blue blah blee," and Phoebe saying, "Again, you're not speaking French"

    7. When Joey gets a baby chick, but he and Chandler start bickering like overtired new parents.

    Chandler telling Joey "Maybe we weren't ready to have a chick" and a duck walking out of the bathroom

    8. When Phoebe has pregnancy cravings for meat, despite being a hard-line vegetarian.

    Phoebe and Joey sharing a meat sandwich

    9. When Rachel is more excited by the idea of Monica marrying her millionaire boyfriend, Pete, than Monica is.

    Rachel saying, "The theme could be: Look at how much money we've got"

    10. When Monica and Phoebe both fall in love with the same guy....who just so happens to be the guy they put into a coma.

    Coma guy saying, "I guess I'll see you around" and Phoebe saying, "We thought you were different, but I guess it was just the coma"

    11. When Chandler and Joey decide that they want to be just like Richard when they grow up.

    Chandler walking into Monica's apartment and Joey saying, "I got the cigar, he got the mustache. We figured if we both smoked, we'd both look like dorks"

    12. When Ross and Rachel get so drunk in Vegas that by the end of the night, they become Mrs. Ross and Mr. Rachel.

    Ross saying "Well, hello, Mrs. Ross while tossing rice at Rachel and Rachel saying, "Well, hello, Mr. Rachel" to Ross

    13. When Monica puts a turkey on her head to cheer Chandler up, and he tells her for the first time that he loves her.

    Monica dancing with a turkey on her head and Chandler telling her, "You are so great, I love you"

    Now it's time to get the gang back together!

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