These 25 Study Tricks Are Sure To Help You Pass All Of Your Tests This Year

    Pure genius.

    We asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community about their best study strategies and they had some really brilliant ideas.

    1. Practice a little bit every day, especially when it comes to languages.

    2. And create flashcards on Anki or Quizlet so that you can review on the go.

    3. Assign yourself homework that will help you learn the information over time instead of cramming before the test.

    4. And take a practice test before you begin really studying to see what you already know and what needs more work.

    5. Use apps that limit your access to distractions such as Forest or SelfControl.

    6. Or master The Pomodoro Technique to make all of the work you do more efficient.

    7. Rewrite your notes at least once.

    8. And reread your notes every night before bed.

    9. Teach the information to literally anyone who will listen.

    10. And frame the information in words they can understand.

    11. Use white noise to block out distracting noises.

    12. Or listen to classical music that motivates you without being distracting (specifically Baroque).

    13. Incentivize yourself with treats or rewards.

    14. Or just make the whole process fun.

    15. Sing the information that won't stick.

    16. Or just read out loud to retain the information better.

    17. Fit the most important information on one page and rewrite it as many times as possible.

    18. Or break information down into bite-size pieces.

    19. Try out different memorization strategies such as the peg system.

    20. Or the Method of Loci, also known as a memory palace.

    21. Get organized with handwritten agendas or digital to-do apps like Trello.

    22. Or keep track of all of your notes with a table of contents.

    23. Record your professors so that you don't miss anything important (you might want to ask them for permission, first).

    24. And talk through the information with other people in your class.

    25. Study late at night when no one is around or online to distract you.

    And most importantly, believe in yourself!

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    Some responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.