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    31 Essentials From Walmart To Help Take Your Baking To The Next Level

    The baker is only as good as their baking tools.

    1. A turntable that'll help you give your cakes a beautifully smooth frosting finish.

    2. An oven thermometer so that you can bake all of your goodies at the right temperature. Most ovens are a few degrees off which can make or break even the best recipes.

    3. A convertible hand and stand mixer — it'll *whip up* some icing that even your grandma will be impressed by.

    4. A fish spatula if your cookies keep getting stuck to the sheet pan.

    5. A two-pack of silicone mats so that you don't have worry about stuck-on cookies... or wasting rolls and rolls of parchment paper.

    6. A stackable prep bowl set because a good pastry chef always has their mise en place before they get started.

    7. A fine haired pastry brush for applying egg washes to your pie crusts and dinner rolls. It'll give them that golden, glistening finish.

    8. A silicone measuring cup that won't burn your hands or cling to every drop of honey like a glass measuring cup does. Plus, it'll take up a lot less cupboard space.

    9. A 13-inch angled spatula so you can give your icing a smooth finish.

    10. A French rolling pin because you really don't need anything fancier. The dowel shape is the most ergonomic and is small enough that it won't take up half of a cabinet.

    11. A three-pack of peelers that'll make peeling all of those apples simple as pie.

    12. A digital scale to keep your measurements exact.

    13. A cooking thermometer so that your brownies are ooey-gooey but not so gooey that they give you salmonella.

    14. A bench scraper because trying to prevent bread dough from sticking to your work surface is a losing battle. The ruler will be so helpful for the more meticulous recipes you take on.

    15. An eight-inch cake lifter so you don't end up making cake pops out of the crumbs of your once-perfect cake round.

    16. A candy melting pot so you can smother your biscotti in CCCHHHHHOOOOOCCCCCOOOOLLAAAATTTEEE.

    17. A microplane so you can dust all of your desserts with chocolate shavings.

    18. A three-tier nonstick cooling rack because the hot pan will continue to bake (and burn) your delicious cookies.

    19. A four-pack of gel food coloring so that you can add more vibrancy using a lot less.

    20. A flour sifter so that your dry ingredients don't make your mixture clumpy. Technically you could just use a mesh sieve, but a flour sifter is slightly less messy.

    21. A cookie scoop so that your cookies are evenly sized and evenly cooked.

    22. A glass baking dish with a plastic lid so that you can transfer your treats with ease.

    23. A 12-piece icing decorating kit so that when guests ask you where you got those gorgeous cupcakes you can say, "My kitchen."

    24. A bundt cake pan because who doesn't love big bundts?!

    25. A digital timer so that you don't burn the cookies watching TV in the other room.

    26. A two-pack of springform pans that are essential if you want to make cheesecake.

    27. A three-pack of cookie stamps that'll surely make a good impression.

    28. A blowtorch because, c'mon, what's more metal than setting fire to your sweets?

    29. A 12-pack of flour sack towels that'll come in handy when you're baking bread... And when it's time to clean up the mess you made when you were baking bread.

    30. And a dutch oven — it'll make your breads all the more beautiful.

    31. A two-in-one cake and cupcake carrier so that you can test your treats on your coworkers.

    Enjoy your treats! You've earned 'em.

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