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    19 Little Ways To Make Your Apartment Look More Put Together

    If you can't change it, hide it.

    1. Hide your router in a binder.

    2. Tack a poster...over your breaker box.

    3. Wind twine around extension cords.

    4. Keep your rolls in a basket if they don't fit under the sink.

    5. Hand-stitch a napkin to cover a plastic pot.

    6. Or make a whale out of the box from your last online purchase.

    7. Wrap paper around a shoebox to create a charging station.

    8. Store your spices in tins to reduce the look and feel of clutter — and keep them fresher for longer.

    9. And pour your toiletries into uniform bottles for an elegant alternative to branded bottles.

    10. Paint your radiator to either blend in or stand out.

    11. Give your kitty some privacy with a litter box holder.

    12. Cover a streaming device with balsa wood.

    13. Cover a builders-grade light with a homemade lampshade.

    14. Hide your ugly A/C unit behind this easy-to-make cover during the winter.

    15. Wrap sisal rope around radiator pipes.

    16. Lay down astroturf if you're lucky enough to have a balcony.

    17. Velcro surge protectors beneath your desk, so you don't have cords all over the floor.

    18. Put casters on drawers from an old armoire to take full advantage of the storage space underneath your bed.

    19. Tuck a blanket around your sofa cushions if they're stained or just boring.

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