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25 Everyday Hacks Now That We're Home All The Damn Time

Anybody home?? πŸ™ƒ

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

Spending all day, everyday inside isn't exactly a fun time. 🏠

But if we're all going to be home for awhile, we might as well make the most of it. The household hacks below are ways to save money, save time (or kill time!), organize your space, clean stuff in a not-annoying way, and just generally make life at home a bit easier right now.

1. Fuzzy socks can double as washable Swiffer dry sheets.

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

If you (like me) can't find Swiffer dry cloths at the store, slip cheap microfiber socks onto your sweeper instead. They work almost just as well: they pick up dust, hair, and fuzz β€” and they're reusable. Read more here.

2. Rub scuff marks off hardwood floors with a clean tennis ball.

Amelia Lawrence / Via

To make this neat trick even easier, cut an 'X' in the ball and stick it on top of a broomstick. If you notice a scuff mark while sweeping, just flip over the broom and rub the stain away! From The Kitchn.

3. Need a whiteboard? DIY one with an empty picture frame β€” or a laminate sheet β€” with a piece of paper inside.

A blank piece of paper or a designed one both work. Then use the whiteboard as a dry-erase grocery list, to-do list, or calendar. For the latter, just flip your frame horizontally, stick in a calendar printable, and you're good to go. From Make It And Love It.

4. Repurpose wall planters to get all that extra produce off your countertops.

This is also a very visible reminder to eat your fruits and veggies! From Blesser House.

5. But be sure to store lemons in the fridge to make them last the longest.

In a test, lemons stored in sealed plastic bags in the fridge lasted four times longer than lemons kept at room temperature. (The sealed plastic was key β€” read more here.)

6. Catch fruit flies with apple cider vinegar, dish soap, and a piece of paper.

The fruity scent draws them in, paper prevents them from escaping, and dish soap breaks down surface tension so flies can't touch the vinegar without sinking. From My Blessed Life.

7. Also, use vinegar to quickly clean and descale your shower head.

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

We tried this and the result was legit impressive. Just fill a ziptop bag with vinegar, sprinkle in some baking soda, then secure over your showerhead with a rubberband. Wait an hour, remove and rinse, and ~marvel.~ ✨

8. Remove pet hair with textured rubber gloves.

And yes, this trick should work just as well on human hair if you're the only fluffy creature in your home. From Red Fork Hippie.

9. For fool-proof at-home manis, apply Vaseline around your nails.

Darren Leis / BuzzFeed

We were skeptical of this hack, but it worked like a charm! Using a cotton swab, outline your nails with Vaseline. Paint like normal, let them dry, then wash your hands and watch stray polish come off with the Vaseline.

10. Cut up an old T-shirt and soak the pieces in a cleaning solution to create reusable wipes.

Washing your hands constantly isn't going to do much good if you finish up by touching a germy faucet handle. These wipes will make it that much easier for you to regularly clean and disinfect your bathroom. From Lemons Lavender and Laundry.

11. Or upcycle an empty bleach wipes container to store shopping bags that you plan to reuse.

The earth is actually healing while we're stuck inside, so let's pitch in a bit by giving single-use plastics a second life! From Simple Mom Review.

12. Store extra toilet paper rolls in an empty oats canister so you always have a spare when you need it.

Speaking from experience, pedestal sinks don't offer any storage space so you're gonna have to make do with what you have on hand. Cover an oats container with wrapping paper and voilΓ ! Cheap and easy storage solution. From Practically Functional.

13. Leave notes for yourself on the washing machine door or the fridge door with a dry erase marker.

You'll never forget to airdry your favorite blouse again. (But do a test first β€” since some washer and fridge surfaces are more porous than others.) From The Krazy Coupon Lady.

14. Pull a sock onto a drinking glass and twist it inside your car's cup holders to clean them.

Joe Lingeman / Via

You're not getting much use out of your car at the moment but you might as well use your free time to clean out the interior. From Apartment Therapy.

15. Add extra hooks to your shower rod so everyone has a place to hang their towel.

When you get into the shower, just slide the towels to the end of the rod and tuck the curtain around them a bit to prevent them from getting wet. From Improvised Life.

16. Dab a bit of toothpaste onto the picture hook so you know exactly where to hang your frames.

When you position the frame on the wall, the toothpaste will leave behind a mark so you know exactly where to position the nail. From Blesser House.

17. Paint the bottom of your shave gel bottle with top coat polish to prevent rust rings from staining the shower.

Top coat waterproofs the surface so that the moisture won't rust the metal. You can also use this trick to prevent costume jewelry from tarnishing! From The Happier Homemaker.

18. And rub soap all over the bathroom mirror to prevent post-shower fog.

Scientists actually confirmed this this trick works. Once you've covered the mirror, buff the residue out with a clean cloth and you'll never have to wipe the sheen away again. From Creekline House.

19. Sort your jewelry into ice cube trays so you can always easily find what you're looking for.

Even if you're not glammed out in jewelry much these days, this is one of a gazillion uses for ice cube trays that are way more effective than using ice cube trays to make ice. From Creekline House.

20. Store paint in baby food containers so it won't dry out if the kids decide to take a break from their art project.

If you hate waste, you'll also be relieved to know that there are at least 16 ways to repurpose baby food containers. From Meaningful Mama.

21. Attach an adhesive hook to your nightstand so you can hide your charging cord behind the leg.

Not only will this make your nightstand look nicer, but it will also be great to not have to fish around for your charger right before you knock out. From A Pretty Happy Home.

22. Cuff rolls of wrapping paper with toilet paper tubes to prevent them from unraveling.

The store shelves are empty so you'll want to get as much use out of the remaining rolls as possible! If you don't like the look of the tubes on your pretty paper, decorate them with washi tape. From The Cheese Thief.

23. If your almost-out candle won't burn evenly anymore, stick it in the back of your drawers or linen closet.


Instant upcycle β€” and it'll keep everything smelling nice and fresh!

24. Drop a denture tablet in your toilet once a week to keep it clean.

They're super cheap and effective. Of course, you'll have to fully clean the toilet first to kick things off – but after that, the tablet can help prevent a dreaded scaly ring. From Apartment Therapy.

25. And store all your hair ties on a carabiner so you won't lose them as quickly (or at all!)

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

Best $4 investment I've ever made, TBH.