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    31 Double-Duty Products From Walmart That'll Help Organize Your Home

    It's time to *double down* on your shopping and organizing.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A storage bench so you can stick your shoes right under the seat that you sit on to take them off.


    Promising review: "This is perfect for keeping my shoes organized! I stick my dog's leash and sunglasses in the top compartment in order to keep everything tidy. It took 15 minutes to put together and is great for the price." —review

    Price: $28.41 (originally $49)

    2. A storage cart because you (and everyone else in your home) could use a little more counterspace for your prepwork.


    Promising review: "This cart was so easy to put together. It took me a little over an hour, but only because I took it slow to be sure I did everything correctly. It seems sturdy and I think it is going to last for quite a while. I like having the door and the drawer. I am using it for additional storage and have my coffee pot, coffee grinder and electric hot water kettle on it. I am very pleased with this purchase." —TXBarbara

    Price: $149.36

    3. A filing cabinet that'll really help streamline your home office — imagine being able to file away all of your papers, organize your office supplies, and pin up your to-do notes all in one very attractive bench! If you're working with a snug space, it's also great for providing extra seating.


    Promising review: "We are using this in the dining area of our RV. When we have company, it doubles as a seat at the table. It has lots of storage room as well as space to hang files. It is very well made, sturdy, easy to assemble." —Dorothy

    Price: $235 (originally $264.18)

    4. An umbrella holder so rainy days don't ruin your floors. You can also use it to store wrapping paper if you bought more rolls than you know what to do with.


    Price: $19.99

    5. A wall mount because you shouldn't need to sacrifice your valuable floorspace just to air-dry your delicates. When you're not using the rack, the cabinet, top shelf, and hooks will make sure that it is still carrying its weight in the laundry room.


    Price: $99.95

    6. A magnetic spice rack if your tiny kitchen cabinets aren't fit for mice, let alone a full-order cook! You'll have five hooks for kitchen utensils, two shelves for seasonings, and two towel rods so you can grab a square of paper or wipe your hands on the terry cloth.


    Price: $26.29

    7. A laundry sorter so the dirty stuff can be tossed in the bags underneath and the clean stuff can be folded and ironed on the top.


    Promising review: "A must-have component that makes laundry easier. The assembly was a breeze, and it is a well-built item. The ironing board flips up and down to make putting clothing in or taking them out easy. The canvas bags are of high quality. They can be removed to be washed, as well. The eye-catching design is phenomenal, and the casters allow for quick and easy transport."


    Price: $42.03 (originally $75.55)

    8. A mail holder because your kitchen counter is covered in a heap of bills and flyers that keeps swallowing your keys.


    Price: $17.99

    9. A four-pack of magnetic hooks that I personally love using to hang kitchen supplies, umbrellas, and to display my keys on my door frame so that I never leave the house without them.

    Emily Shwake, Walmart

    Promising review: "These hooks work really well! They are a great size and the magnets are strong. I use them to hang jewelry in my closet on sheet metal. They were exactly what I was looking for." —Cajunhellcat

    Price: $3.99

    10. A garment rack so you can hang your favorite apparel as well as your hats, purses, and other paraphernalia because, let's face it, you're way too much of a clothes horse to fit all of your finest fashions in that measly excuse for a closet.


    Price: $32.99

    11. A three-tier rolling cart that can carry your most prized collections. Got a green thumb? Plant your beloved succulents right in the baskets. Aspiring bartender? Stock up on as many fancy bitters and liqueurs as you like. Beauty queen? Stick your makeup in the top, your hair products in the middle, and your hot tools in the bottom.


    Promising review: "This three-tier organizer rolling cart was really easy to put together. It came with everything that was needed to assemble it, such as the screwdriver and wrench. Seems to be sturdy enough for what I am using it for, which is to organize art supplies in my daughters' playroom. What also makes this cart nice is that it has wheels to easily move it around." —sam1124

    Price: $30 (available in three colors)

    12. A lazy Susan because good-old Suz can take anything you throw her way. Whether it's in your bathroom cabinet, your pantry, or on your refrigerator shelves, she can wrangle the biggest of messes.


    Price: $10.54 (originally $14.29)

    13. A file holder so you can stock up on some much-needed vertical space. File away your folded linens, slide in a few rolls of toilet paper, or stack the holders on their sides to create some makeshift shelves in the freezer.


    Check out a few more uses for file holders here.

    Promising review: "This is very handy for storing canned goods! The cans fit in the holders perfectly, which helps save space in the pantry." —gikerd

    Price: $4.84+ (available in two sizes)

    14. A hanging basket for your hot tools. Stick the blow dryer and round brush in the top rack and your flat iron in the bottom — it'll be so much easier than trying to untangle them from each other in that skinny drawer that you have to jam closed in order to make them both fit.


    Promising review: "This fits well over the cabinet door, even with taller bottles in the upper basket. The bottom basket is good for holding toothpaste and combs." —clell

    Price: $16.05+ (available in two colors)

    15. A towel rod that you can use to hang pots, pans, purses, you name it! All you need are a few s-hooks to get the job done.


    Price: $15.38+ (originally $20.62, available in two colors and two sizes)

    16. A two-pack of hooks so you can organize your broom closet. Just tie a string to the handle of your Swiffer or dust pan and hang it! These hold three pounds so maybe just leave the vacuum on the floor.


    Promising review: "My kitchen island has two drawers and storage underneath for big items. I always had to paw around in the drawers to find my measuring spoons or cups or any small item. I attached these hooks to each end of the cart and hung my spoons, cups, and rolling pin thickness rings on them. It saves so much time, and they stay put when I move the island around. What a great and easy tool these are. Thank you, 3M!" —NYArmymom59

    Price: $2.38 (originally $2.99)

    17. A two-pack of pegboards that can be used to transform literally any room of the house.


    Promising review: "This works great in my craft room and doesn't have a smell as wooden pegboard does." —BlueBonnetQueen

    Price: $15.88 (originally $22.99)

    18. A jar or two so you can unpack all of your cotton swabs, bath salts, and hair bands, and turn them into pretty decor.


    Promising review: "I bought this jar to display cookies when we have gatherings. It was a big hit!" —winediva704

    Price: $10.97+ (originally $15.55, available in four sizes)

    19. An expanding cutlery tray that you can use to spruce up any drawer in the house. Come to think of it, that desk drawer has been a bit of a disaster, lately...


    Promising review: "It fits perfectly in my drawer when it is fully extended so I get full use out of it. It's very spacious and is easy to clean. It's funny how something like this can brighten your day — just opening a drawer to something colorful puts a smile on my face!" —sunseteve

    Price: $20.62 (originally $25.78)

    20. A basket so you can stick your entire summer wardrobe on the top shelf of your closet and clear up a whole bunch of space for bulky sweaters and corduroys.


    Promising review: "I ordered two of these totes to use on my new bathroom vanity since it doesn't have any drawers. The size is just right to hold the necessary items that we use every day and keeps them neatly in one place. I love the color and the texture of the weave. The totes wobble a bit when empty, but once they were filled, they stayed level on the shelf. Although they are not machine washable, they can be wiped down with soap and a wet cloth. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend these totes!" —chernico

    Price: $7.98 (originally $10, available in three colors)

    21. A set of drawers that'll clearly provide plenty of extra space for those items that you can't seem to find a place for. Whether it's a pile of printer paper, a bunch of half-empty toiletries that you can't bare to part with, or the snacks that you bought in bulk because they were on sale, these drawers will make organizing them a breeze.


    Promising review: "These are the best drawers! I probably have at least 10 sets throughout my house! They're perfect for my crafting room and in the kids' rooms to store their clothes! The mint color is gorgeous!" —Candy527

    Price: $22

    22. A 100-pack of pushpins you can use to hang your jewelry on the wall or pin important notices to the family corkboard.


    Price: $8.45

    23. A hanger that'll hold your ties, belts, scarves, lightweight tanktops, bras, purses, you name it!


    Promising review: "I ordered three different hangers for my long necklaces and this one worked best!" —fletch

    Price: $8.59 (originally $10.99)

    24. A nine-piece set of bins so that every single thing in your fridge has somewhere to call home. A huge plus: When a bin is empty or looking a bit sparse, you know that you need to get on your next grocery run.


    Price: $28.52

    25. A rolling storage bin because all of that space under your bed is going to waste.


    Promising review: "I purchased these storage units to free up space in a small bedroom with a queen-sized bed in it. My 4-year-old granddaughter could not get her toys or put them away by herself because they were being stored in a closet with different levels that she did not have access to. These roll so easily and the locking sides are easy to use, as well. I have seen toy boxes with heavy lids that could come down on her. I find these safer and they free up floor space. These make her more independent — I just had to show her how to use them and she understood right away. I always monitor her regardless to keep her safe." —Spclkeepsake

    Price: $16.98 (available in two colors)

    26. A three-cube shelf that'd be great as a bookshelf, a display case for souvenirs, or your ever-expanding coffee cup collection. You can also flip it on its side to create a few extra seats for your guests!


    Promising review: "I don't usually write reviews but this product has impressed me so much that l decided to drop a few lines of satisfaction! This unit is well built, sturdy, and elegant at a giveaway price! The instructions were easy to follow. I just need a cushion to complete this beautiful breakfast banquette. It has really elevated the style of my home with its affordable sophistication. Wow!" —Nena

    Price: $35.89+ (available in seven colors)

    27. A lightweight shelving system so you have somewhere to put your shoes, linens, purses, and jeans.


    Promising review: "I have a small walk-in closet and this is perfect for keeping my shoes organized. It is very easy to put together, and fits nicely in my closet." —bird4mom

    Price: $14.52

    28. An over-the-door shoe organizer that can be repurposed to store cleaning supplies, snacks, and even makeup!


    Promising review: "This item is a lifesaver. I have one on the bathroom door and my teenage granddaughter has one on her bedroom closet door so it is not visible when the door is closed. She puts shoes in the bottom pockets and fills the top with makeup items, hairbrushes, a cooled curling iron, makeup brushes, tweezers, lotions, hair ties, earrings, and lots more. It's so nice to not have all the clutter on the bathroom sink or top of her dresser. The quality of this product is great and has sturdy pockets that can carry a lot of weight. This item has see-through pockets that are helpful for finding items immediately." —mzky1s

    Price: $13.35

    29. A 100-pack of clothespins to close snack bags, wrap cords, or — if you glue them to a cork board — hang papers that absolutely cannot get lost.


    Promising review: "I love these clothespins! They are extra-large, extra-strong, and rust-resistant. What more could you ask for? They are great for many things like closing chip bags, pinning back curtains in a hurry, and crafts." —Tracy

    Price: $8.90

    30. A basket for any cabinet with shelves that are way too high for the stuff you're storing.


    Promising review: "These sturdy wire baskets are perfect for shelves that are 24 inches or wider. They are great for storing smaller items in pantries in order to make them more easily accessible. It's also ideal in closets for items like purses, scarves, and socks. Basically, they are helpful anywhere additional storage is needed. They are made of Epoxy-coated steel so they are super durable and strong." —dvivster

    Price: $9.74 (originally $10.50)

    31. And an over-the-sink shelf that you can use for extra toiletries in the bathroom or in the kitchen for the dish soap and sponge so it can air-dry.


    Promising review: "To my surprise, this item is very sturdy and well made! I love the look in my bathroom. When I have people over, they always ask about it and compliment it. It's a great way to add some extra space to a small bathroom sink." —HappyCustomer

    Price: $6.76

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