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    14 Ways To Save On The Wedding Of Your Dreams

    Cut out the middle men. You've got this.

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    1. Choose elements that are personal and practical, not just trending on Pinterest. / Via

    No doubt you want to have trendy hoop wreaths or elaborate greeting boards that will get some major attention for being super creative and trendy, but those take a lot of time and get thrown out. If you are going to put the effort in, make something that actually represents your relationship or will mean a lot to your guests. Check out this adorable book-themed wedding on Something Turquoise or try 31 Beautiful Ideas For A Book-Inspired Wedding if your'e really into the concept.

    2. Choose DIY projects that multi-task. / Via

    A name-tag can also be a giveaway, just as your bouquet can also be a centerpiece. Expend minimal effort for the maximum payoff. See this succulent favor here.

    3. Ask your guests for music requests instead of splurging on a DJ.

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    Why have someone else do what you could do better? You know that everyone is going to ask for Ignition or get pissed if Beyoncé gets neglected. You could even make a collaborative playlist on Spotify and invite your tech-savvy guests so that they can keep the tunes going all night long.

    4. Don't be afraid to book a non-traditional wedding venue. / Via

    Often galleries, universities, or vacation rentals (like AirBnB or HomeAway) will accommodate parties — especially under special circumstances — but that means the space might not be the sprawling room with the giant dance floor you envisioned. On the plus side, a lot of these places will supply tables and chairs (or let you use or rent your own) — unlike certain wedding venues that will charge you up the wazoo to use their services. You can get these trestle tables on Get-Knotted.

    5. Give cheaper items — such as printed invitations — a personal touch.

    Here is a list of free online wedding printables —invitation cards to dinner menus — that can save you money and time by cutting out the calligrapher or tedious tracing. (Learn how to add a wash of watercolor from here.) You could save even more money by going totally digital on the save the dates and invitations with Paperless Post or Greenvelope.

    6. Buy wholesale flowers and arrange them yourself.

    Mikkel Paige Photography / Via

    Flowers like baby's breath or carnations are cheap, sturdy, but still a very classy option for your bouquet or centerpieces. Artificial flowers or flowers sold in bulk are also an option. Here's a list of inexpensive flower options. Learn how to wrap your bouquet and boutonniere here.

    7. And save a few flowers to make any cake fancy.

    Opt for food that actually tastes good and doesn't cost a fortune. All you need to do is pick up a few white round cakes from the grocery store and dress it in a few of those flowers you bought for the bouquet. Learn how to effectively place your flowers here or get a few more ideas from 28 Insanely Creative Ways To Decorate A Cake That Are Easy AF.

    8. Or nix the fancy cake for something you like better. / Via

    Like Oreos. Or freaking donuts. The drunk fools you invited will chow down. Get a few more snack ideas from 23 Brilliant Wedding Bars From Couples Who Dared To Dream.

    9. Buy your tablesettings, decor, and even a dress from brides that have already said 'I Do.'

    Like one of your 50 friends that just got back from their honeymoons or from a resale site such as Tradesy, Bridal Garage Sales, and Wedding Recycle. Learn how to perform a triple pocket fold here.

    10. Mix up a big batch of your "signature cocktail" and serve wholesale champagne, wine and beer.

    An open bar is going to cost at least a couple grand. Instead, get nice wine and craft beers at wholesale price. Here's a breakdown of how much alcohol you'll actually need. Oh — and don't forget champagne for the toast. And margaritas are always a crowd-pleasure right? Get the recipe here.

    11. Do your own hair and makeup.

    Besides — no one knows how to contour your face like you do. Make sure to do a trial run (with photos!) so that you aren't panicking the day of. Here are 14 Wedding Hairstyles You Can DIY For The Occasion for no-heat looks.

    12. Ask for help if a project is intensive but important to you. / Via

    When your friends and family offer to help, take it! You will save a lot of time and money, and they will feel like they played a part in making everything at your wedding beautiful. Just be sure not to take advantage.

    Check out this backdrop that the entire party pitched in to make and the rest of this impressive DIY wedding here. (If you weren't already impressed, the bride's sister bought her dress for $50 and her mom made a skirt overlay.)

    OR check out 21 Stunning DIY Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops if you're into the look but not the intensity of the project.

    13. Negotiate pricing for the services you do pay for.


    There are certain people you will actually want to hire—like a photographer or a DJ—but make sure you aren't paying more than you have to. Racked explained why the wedding tax is totally real but not necessarily a reflection of unfair pricing. Have an open, honest conversation about how much you can afford to spend and don't be afraid to go elsewhere if they can't accommodate your limits. Here are a few helpful tips for negotiating with wedding vendors.

    14. Have fun with it!

    Think of details that will be enjoyable to make and entertaining for your guests. Sweets tables, a selfie stick station instead of a pricey photo-booth, or inexpensive kids games won't go unnoticed. Check out more kids games made for a wedding on Wilkie.

    If all this wedding planning is giving you stress-hives, these 32 Ways To Make Planning A Wedding So Much Less Stressful might be helpful.

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