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    31 Things From Walmart To Reward Your Pup For Being A Very Good Dog

    Squeakers, ball launchers, brain games, and more to make playtime more fun than ever.

    1. A chew toy that's bone-scented, bacon-flavored, and designed to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

    2. A long rope for big boys who need something tough enough to withstand their destructive tendencies.

    3. A ball launcher, because your dog always wants to run way farther than you can throw.

    4. Or! A ball cannon that can hold three balls so that the game never has to slow down.

    5. A windmill so they have to think to get their food. It'll also slow them down so it takes them longer than 30 seconds to finish their dinner.

    6. A Wi-Fi camera and treat dispenser to play with them, even when you're away from home.

    7. A double ring toy for best buddies who love to play tug of war.

    8. A frisbee that won't scratch up their gums, no matter how long you guys play fetch.

    9. A plush fox for gentle chewers who like to tug, toss, and cuddle their toys.

    10. An eight-piece toy set that comes with every kind of toy you need — and a place to store them!

    11. A glow-in-the-dark ball so you can stay outside until your wild child tires out — even if that's way past sundown.

    12. A set of teething key chew toys, because your fur baby needs something to gnaw at while they're teething.

    13. A ball that lights up and makes sounds when your pup chomps and swats at it.

    14. A shoe-shaped toy so your little terror stops taking your real ones.

    15. A squeaker toy, because it'll be so funny to watch the eyes pop out every your floof bites down.

    16. A set of squeaky toys that are (almost) as cute as the dog destroying them.

    17. A bouncy ball that large boys can chew to their heart's delight. If they get bored, you can stuff it with a delicious snack that'll keep them busy for hours.

    18. A durable rubber ball with horns that your little devil will love to nibble at.

    19. An interactive ball that'll reward your pup for using their head (and their booper).

    20. A foam ball so their favorite toy is also their most durable.

    21. A lavender-scented crinkle toy for soothing your anxious pup during a thunderstorm or car ride.

    22. A pack of chew toys that'll make both you and your dog smile.

    23. An extra-squeaky hedgehog with a hole in the middle to make tug of war more fun for the both of you.

    24. A plush toy with a squeaker that humans can't hear so their favorite toy won't drive you nuts.

    25. A fun puzzle, because your smart pupper is going to destroy your home if they don't have something more entertaining to play with.

    26. A soft ball so you can play fetch in the house without breaking anything.

    27. A water bottle toy cruncher, because when this "breaks"...well...you can just replace the water bottle.

    28. A rubber ball so you can roll, toss, and stuff this with treats — making your pup VERY happy.

    29. A latex chew toy that won't get quite as dirty as their furrier friends.

    30. A chew toy so playing won't hurt your old buddy's mouth.

    31. A tire-like toy that's tough enough to endure long chewing sessions.

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