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    This Stovetop Cover Is Perfect For Kitchens With Limited Counter Space

    Screw a few pieces of wood together and double your counter space.

    If you have a small kitchen, you know how precious counter space is. This stovetop cover is an easy way to create even more space for cooking.

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    Here's how to make it:

    1. Measure out your stove. You'll need to check the length and width of the range, and the height of the burners.

    2. Sand and stain the boards, then let them dry overnight.

    3. Use wood glue to attach the C pieces to the B pieces. The thin sides of the board should be flush so they can stand.

    4. Drill three screws into each set of boards.

    5. Attach handles to the B sides with long wood screws.

    6. Use glue and wood screws to attach the A piece to the sides of the B and C pieces.

    7. Lay four boards across, using glue to attach them to the C pieces. Let the glue dry overnight.

    8. Finally, lay it over your stovetop and use as you would extra counter space!

    Another bonus? It also works as a serving tray.