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    15 Decorating Hacks That'll Trick People Into Believing You're Actually An Adult

    "No, of course that's not the dresser I had in my dorm room." 😳

    One day, adulthood is gonna hit you like a ton of bricks, and you'll be all about your 401K and life-changing meal prep routine.

    Until then, here are a few tricks you can use to make people think that you're a Mature Adult:

    1. Attach casters to old drawers to hide the mess under your bed.

    2. Hang string lights in your kitchen or dining room to add a nice glow to your dinner parties.

    3. Glue a trim to your closet doors to give your wardrobe an element of elegance.

    4. Hang acrylic shelves in front of your windows to make a plant display that looks way more expensive than it is.

    5. Stock bathroom essentials like cotton swabs, soap, and cotton balls in glass jars.

    6. Give your Ikea dresser a strip of gold so it doesn't look like you just bought it off a college student — even if you did.

    7. Spray decorative pinecones with cinnamon and clove essential oils to really develop that ~nice house smell~.

    8. Display your shoes on an old bookcase instead of throwing them into the bottom of your closet.

    9. Hang a wall grid so that it at least seems like your life has some structure.

    10. Assemble a copper ladder to make all of your throw blankets look like you purchased them from a fancy vintage boutique.

    11. Hang a map over your bed so nobody notices that you don't have a headboard.

    12. Keep dried flowers in your vases because fresh bouquets are freakin' expensive to replace, man!!

    13. Put spices in matching containers so your pantry looks more Pinterest-y than cluttered.

    14. Pour your cheap liquor into a decanter so your guests think you buy the good stuff.

    15. "Frame" your posters instead of hanging them up with tack.