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    Updated on Sep 17, 2019. Posted on Jul 24, 2018

    15 Decorating Hacks That'll Trick People Into Believing You're Actually An Adult

    "No, of course that's not the dresser I had in my dorm room." 😳

    One day, adulthood is gonna hit you like a ton of bricks, and you'll be all about your 401K and life-changing meal prep routine.

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    There's not really a set time that "becoming an adult" happens — it might be when you turn 20 or not until you're 49.

    Until then, here are a few tricks you can use to make people think that you're a Mature Adult:

    1. Attach casters to old drawers to hide the mess under your bed.

    "Yeah, I just like to keep things organized."

    *Scoots crammed drawer of crap under the bed.*

    Learn more here.

    2. Hang string lights in your kitchen or dining room to add a nice glow to your dinner parties.

    Even if the starter is cheddar cheese on Ritz crackers, you've got to admit that a dinner party is a classy, very adult, move. Learn more here.

    3. Glue a trim to your closet doors to give your wardrobe an element of elegance.

    Just because it's full of Forever 21 clothing doesn't mean your closet shouldn't get the respect it deserves. Learn more here.

    4. Hang acrylic shelves in front of your windows to make a plant display that looks way more expensive than it is.

    Keeping a plant alive is practically the first trial in being a real adult. If you can keep a plant alive, you can raise a child, right? Right???!!! Learn more here.

    5. Stock bathroom essentials like cotton swabs, soap, and cotton balls in glass jars.

    Because there's nothing quite as deceiving as a nice glass jar. Learn more here.

    6. Give your Ikea dresser a strip of gold so it doesn't look like you just bought it off a college student — even if you did.

    The next time your mother tells you that she thinks you need a nice dresser, just say, "No, mom, what I need is to be able to pay my rent on time." Or buy a roll of gold contact paper and put it on everything you own so your mom thinks you're killing it. Learn more here.

    7. Spray decorative pinecones with cinnamon and clove essential oils to really develop that ~nice house smell~.

    It's like deodorant, but for your home. 😎

    Learn more here.

    8. Display your shoes on an old bookcase instead of throwing them into the bottom of your closet.

    Lauren Naimola / Dear Golden / Via

    You know how to manage your would just rather spend it on shoes rather than food. Learn more here.

    9. Hang a wall grid so that it at least seems like your life has some structure.

    Right next to meal prep and going to bed early, organizational tools are like catnip to adults. This wall grid isn't made of plastic, won't cost you a lot of money, and will make all of your random crap look like it has an actual purpose. Learn more here.

    10. Assemble a copper ladder to make all of your throw blankets look like you purchased them from a fancy vintage boutique.

    Look, while I know that you probably buy all of your textiles from Bed Bath & Beyond using your mom's coupons, your guests don't need to know that. Learn more here.

    11. Hang a map over your bed so nobody notices that you don't have a headboard.

    Sophie Timothy / Via

    Just like neckties and vitamins, you know that a headboard is essentially worthless, even if adults can't see it. Maps, on the other hand, look nice and make you look worldly and well travelled! Learn more here.

    12. Keep dried flowers in your vases because fresh bouquets are freakin' expensive to replace, man!!

    Emily Shwake

    The alternative is leaving those $12 sunflowers drooping on the counter for another week and a half before they start to smell. Your choice.

    13. Put spices in matching containers so your pantry looks more Pinterest-y than cluttered.

    And so it looks like you, ya know, use your spices instead of just squirting hot sauce on everything. These look so pretty and it's actually better to keep spices in tins so they don't get so much light exposure. Learn more here.

    14. Pour your cheap liquor into a decanter so your guests think you buy the good stuff.

    15. "Frame" your posters instead of hanging them up with tack.

    Still into the "Live Laugh Love" poster you've had since freshman year of high school? Keep it! But give it a frame so that you can't see the wrinkles. You can make a frame like this with a few pieces of wood, string, and mounting tape. If you don't have a drill, definitely get a drill because it's very adulty...but in the meantime you could also just use some wood hangers. Learn more here.

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