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19 Mouthwatering Recipe Ideas To Try With Your Favorite Person

Let's eat.

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3. French Onion Soup: When the weather is so freakin' bad and neither of you wants to go out.

French onion soup with cheesy French toast is WAY better than getting drenched in rain. Get the recipe from Half Baked Harvest.

4. Sleeping Rice Bear: For when you're just looking for an excuse to cook this cutie, and you know they'll be down.


9. Sweet Potato Crusted Baked Eggs: For when they did something to deserve breakfast in bed...

...orrrr you just wanted an excuse to eat breakfast in bed. Either way, get the recipe for baked eggs in sweet potato crusts from Two Purple Figs.


17. Amortentia Love Punch: For when you both want to get drunk, but you wanna be ~classy~ about it.

Make this Harry Potter inspired punch for you and eighteen of your friends... Or share it between the two of you because you aren't that classy, anyways.


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