19 Mouthwatering Recipe Ideas To Try With Your Favorite Person

    Let's eat.

    1. Sweet Potato Gnocchi: For when it's date night (or BFF night), but together you have zero money for a fancy restaurant.

    2. Taco Popcorn: When Game of Thrones is about to start, but you both want a little snacky-snack.

    3. French Onion Soup: When the weather is so freakin' bad and neither of you wants to go out.

    4. Sleeping Rice Bear: For when you're just looking for an excuse to cook this cutie, and you know they'll be down.

    5. Chicken Chow Mein Zoodles: For when you're helping each other stay healthy, but you're really just craving Chinese food.

    6. Avocado Toast: For when you both want to be trendy, but don't want to pay the bill.

    7. Cheese-And-Broccoli Potatoes: For when you're hangry after a study sesh, but the dining hall is too darn far.

    8. Matzo Ball Soup: For when it's the holidays, and neither of you can afford a flight home.

    9. Sweet Potato Crusted Baked Eggs: For when they did something to deserve breakfast in bed...

    10. One-Pot Chicken Mushroom Florentine: For when you've got a hankering for Italian, but neither of you wants to do the dishes.

    11. Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl: For when you're in the mood to get ~fresh~.

    12. No-Bake Thin Mints: For when you're craving a sweet treat, so you force them to indulge with you.

    13. Coconut-Crusted Tofu: For when bae is going vegan and you're "being supportive."

    14. Coconut Curry Chicken Noodle Soup: For when they're sick AF, but you have weekend plans.

    15. Edible Cookie Dough: For when you want to complain about your love lives, but ice cream is too cliché.

    16. Steak Fajita Burrito Bowls: For when you would rather do anything other than go back to Chipotle.

    17. Amortentia Love Punch: For when you both want to get drunk, but you wanna be ~classy~ about it.

    18. Skinny Easy Mac: For when you're both too drunk to be trusted with kitchen appliances.

    19. Tater-Tot Pizza: For when you have— wait, you need a reason?!