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    18 Cartoons You'll Totally Understand If You're In A Relationship With Food

    Warning: Cheesy puns ahead.

    1. This egg who is cracking under the pressure.

    2. This poor pup who has been getting bullied.

    3. This cereal and milk who have a troubled relationship.

    4. This pizza who sure does have a can-do attitude.

    5. These bananermen who are tired of their ruler being so ungrapeful.

    6. This potato who is in for a hot and steamy night.

    7. These fruit who are just happy being fruity.

    8. This donut who is a little overenthusiastic.

    9. This radish who you are totally rooting for.

    10. These sushi that love to snuggle.

    11. This guy's wife who is his better half.

    12. This tea that's a bit overcaffeinated.

    13. This hot dog and mustard who are a match made in heaven.

    14. This burger who is calling your name.

    15. These baby popcorns who are too young and innocent to learn the truth.

    16. These professionals who are clearly a couple of tools.

    17. This mama who is proud of her baby carrot.

    18. This sundae squad that is planning domination of your tastebuds.