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    21 Ways To Make Your Home The Coziest Place On Earth

    Line this whole house with fuzzy blankets and string lights.

    1. Leave blankets out on display so they're always easy to access.

    2. Switch on some string lights to create a pleasant glow during movie night.

    3. Or give your bright overhead lighting a shade to make it a little softer.

    4. Kick off your muddy boots and slip into a pair of fuzzy slippers as soon as you you walk in the door.

    5. Put together a little spa station in the bathroom so you're always ready for a good stew in the tub.

    6. Spray your linens with lavender or vanilla.

    7. Hang a weaving that looks as snuggly as the blanket in your lap.

    8. Leave the oven open after you’re done baking to fill the kitchen with all that leftover heat.

    9. Refill your hand soap pumps with products with wintery scents like mulled cider or peppermint.

    10. Stick a hot water bottle under the covers near your feet to keep your toes extra toasty.

    11. Introduce copper and gold fixtures into your decor to warm up a plain, white room.

    12. Light candles in every room to infuse those soothing scents into the air and add a bit of extra warmth.

    13. Incorporate a mix of textures into your decor so you can have all the feels.

    14. Snuggle up in bed with a small tray for snacks and hot chocolate.

    15. Compare the temperature around the windows to the space on the other side of the room to ensure that you aren't letting any of that precious warmth out.

    16. And hang heavy blackout curtains add an extra layer of protection against the chill.

    17. But make sure to open the curtains the second you wake up so you're getting plenty of natural light.

    18. Place an ottoman in front of your favorite chair so you can really stretch out while you read.

    19. Set up a diffuser on your nightstand so you aren't hacking on dry heat all night.

    20. Get a fluffy duvet so you don't need to dress your bed in six different sets of sheets and blankets.

    21. Use a mini heater to keep you cozy in larger rooms that are a bit drafty.