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    31 Colorful (And Surprisingly Stylish) Pieces Of Furniture From Walmart

    A pretty-in-pink headboard, a show-stopping set of bright red chairs, and a blue-tiful dining room cabinet for your viewing pleasure.

    1. A set of two Venice chairs if you've been dreaming of a getaway but need to finish furnishing your home first.

    2. A campaign desk because you really need to take charge of all the extra work you've been taking on in the evenings.

    3. A glamorous bar stool that'll feel more like a throne.

    4. A classic chair because you need something for your porch that really rocks.

    5. A really neat credenza that'll punch up any room in the house.

    6. A hot-pink, six-drawer dresser if you've been looking for something that really pops.

    7. A scalloped headboard that is a velvety dream come true.

    8. A stunning bar cart that will always be the life of the party.

    9. A regal armchair that'll have you sitting pretty all day long.

    10. A ceramic side table that is so gorgeous, it will ~ombreak~ your heart.

    11. A Moroccan-inspired pouf that'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

    12. A nightstand that'll make you stop and stare every time you walk into your room.

    13. A retro dining room set that's a real blast (from the past).

    14. A sofa bed that'll make you say, "Oh, yellow there."

    15. A buttoned-up bench that'll be the golden girl of your furniture collection.

    16. A set of open shelves that says "Ask me what my favorite color is, I'm an open book."

    17. A tufted bed if you've been dreaming of greener pastures.

    18. A velvet sectional with hidden storage because you're *open* to trying new things.

    19. A ladder shelf that is surely a ~step up~ from that clunky bookcase you've been lugging around from apartment to apartment for the past decade.

    20. A blue-tiful cabinet if you want a piece that shows off your fine china even when you're not eating off of it.

    21. A serene-looking sectional that you'll be snoozing on all winter long.

    22. A floral side table that'll make your backyard feel even more like a little piece of paradise.

    23. A cool-as-ice armchair that'll have you chillin' like a villain in your living room.

    24. An elegant sideboard that'll have you singing, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."

    25. An acrylic rolling chair that is ~clearly~ perfect for your desk.

    26. A staggered side table that your ever-growing plant collection will certainly grow to love.

    27. A vanity that isn't exactly a mirror on the wall, but is surely the fairest of them all.

    28. A decadent nightstand if you thought you had to *taper* your expectations on your hunt for a stylish perch for your water and reading glasses.

    29. An entryway bench so you'll have a convienient seat to take your shoes off... and promptly go horizontal for a quick nap before you have to get back to your neverending to-do list.

    30. A tub chair if you don't want to have to dip into your savings in order to afford something luxurious.

    31. A headboard that will be a real ~stud~ in the bedroom.

    You every time you walk by your new furniture:

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