13 Adorable Colonial Homes That’ll Make You Want To Move To Connecticut

    Home is where the colonial houses are.

    1. Look, I know Connecticut is a hard sell.

    2. I mean, sure, it has gorgeous foliage and quaint neighborhoods.

    3. And yeah, I'll give it to you, those quiet beaches and picturesque vineyards are pretty sweet.

    4. And fine, the public schools are great and it's a pretty safe place to live.

    5. But what does it really have to offer, you ask?


    7. I mean, what's not to love?!

    8. The streets of Connecticut are lined with these precious little dollhouses.

    9. And they're all unique in a way that makes them so much more special than the houses you find in other suburbs.

    10. They're symmetrical in a way that is so soothing.

    11. Whether they're small and cozy...

    12. ...or so big, they're basically mansions.

    13. They will all make you sigh and say, "dream home."