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    8 Space-Saving Tricks That You Need To Try In Your Teeny Closet

    Utensil rods, shelf dividers, and velvet hangers all maximize space and minimize clutter.

    1. Take advantage of vertical space with a hanging rod.

    2. Swap to velvet hangers that take up less space than wooden ones, and will keep your clothes from falling to the floor.

    3. Break up a shelf with dividers to keep your stacks of linens and sweaters in place.

    4. Install a bookshelf bracket or two on the door so your neatly-pressed clothing don't get all wrinkled in a cramped closet.

    5. Hide accessories behind your mirror so they aren't getting all tangled in a cluttered drawer.

    6. Hang ties, scarves, or belts from a utensil rod.

    7. Separate your shoes and bags into washable baskets.

    8. Label rod dividers to sort your clothes into sections.

    Watch the full tutorial here.

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