Here's How To Get Glitter Out Of Basically Everything

    How did it get THERE?!?!

    1. Apply an extra layer of decoupage glue over the glitter so it doesn't fall off your project in the first place.

    2. Store glitter in salt-shakers so you have more control over how much glitter you're using.

    3. Use aloe vera or vaseline to apply the glitter to your body so that it'll stick well, but come off easily when the party is over.

    4. For easy cleanup, tape over a glitter spill on the table and peel it away.

    5. Leftover glitter on your hands? Swipe it off with lotion.

    6. Reuse a dryer sheet to remove stubborn glitter nail polish with less scrubbing.

    7. Spray clothes covered in glitter with hairspray before you throw them in the wash.

    8. Use medical tape to gently peel the glitter off your face.

    9. Rub conditioner on your skin before you hop in the shower and it'll slide right off.

    10. And olive oil will help you rinse it out of your hair.

    11. Pass a lint roller over a glitter spill on the floor.

    12. Vacuum up glitter spills on the carpet and wipe up the remnants with a damp paper towel.

    13. Swirl makeup brushes on a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol if you've been using them with your loose glitter.

    14. Roll a bit of Play-Doh around to pick up every last speck.