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    25 Cleaning Products From Walmart That So Good, They Could Almost Be Magic

    Products that'll clean your shower in a spritz, wring your mop out with a twist, and dissolve the grease from your grill with a mist.

    1. A cleaning stamp so that you don't have to keep a gnarly toilet brush in your bathroom *or* scrub at gross stains every week. These stamps last for up to 12 days and prevent any buildup, aka you'll never have to clean your porcelain throne again.

    A hand using the Scrubbing Bubbles applicator to apply a toilet stamp

    2. A multi-surface spray starter kit with a nozzle that delivers an even, continuous stream, so that you can totally cover the area. It'll be such a relief to not have to have a bunch of different cleaning solutions; instead, you'll use this one on your kitchen surfaces, stainless steel, showers, and toilets. Simplicity is key!

    A model wiping food off of a glass stovetop

    3. A cordless Swiffer Sweep & Vac, so you can combine two chores in one! The vacuum will suck up any big debris, and the dry sweep cloth will follow it in order to catch any dust or light dirt that might get caught in the crevices of your floors.

    The Swiffer Sweep + Vac using its powerful vacuum suction

    4. A FURemover broom that can extract (and store) pet hair that has lodged itself in your carpet. You won't have to make 1200 trips to the trash can, plus you can flip it over to sweep up wet messes with the rubber squeegee.

    A rubber broom with a built-in squeegee on the end of a telescoping handle

    5. A 90-pack of cleaning wipes you can use these pretty much anywhere, from cars and carpet to walls and cabinets without worrying that they'll fall apart if you're using them for a tough scrubbing.

    A model wiping a mess off of an outdoor chair using a Tub O' Towels heavy-duty cleaning wipe

    6. A Libman microfiber mop with a built-in wringer that is more effective at cleaning floors and substantially less gross than a traditional string mop.

    A model using the built-in wringer to remove some of the water from a microfiber mop

    7. An extra-long window squeegee so you can let in as much sunlight into your home as possible.

    A Window Wand that has a built-in sponge and a squeegee

    8. A 2-pack of compressed air cans to quickly blow all the crumbs and dust out of the crevices of your keyboard. If you've ever gotten a piece of dirt lodged underneath a key, you know how essential this is.

    A 10-ounce can of Dust-Off compressed gas dust and lint remover for electronics

    9. Or a cleaning slime that might actually make this particular chore more fun.

    10. A Murphy oil soap which gently cleans both finished and non-finished wood in order to keep it looking bright and shiny for decades. You can also use it to clean nonwood surfaces such as ceramic tiles, painted surfaces, laundry stains, vinyl, and even cars!

    A 32-ounce bottle of concentrated Murphy Oil Soap, the original wood cleaner

    11. A Dawn Powerwash dish spray that basically transforms the miserable chore of washing dishes into an oddly satisfying activity — after spraying and maybe letting the solution sit for a few minutes, the stuck-on bits kinda just drip right off.

    A model spraying Dawn Platinum Powerwash all over a sink full of dishes with the blurb, "Stop Scrubbing, Start Spraying"

    12. A clog-destroying gel for when that dirty shower water is inching closer and closer to your ankles.

    A model pouring Liquid Plumr down the drain

    13. A 5-pack of Affresh cleaning tablets that are so convenient, you might actually clean your washing machine every once in a while. These will get rid of all the soap scum, mold, and grime that have built up over time and are leaving your laundry smelling not-so-fresh.

    A model placing an Affresh tablet in the washing machine

    14. A 16-count Magic Eraser cleaning sheets for those messes that seem impossible to remove. The sheets version of this beloved cleaning tool will allow you the dexterity you need for messes that happen in smaller areas.

    A hand removing tough stains from the microwave with a Magic Eraser cleaning sheet

    15. Sponge Daddy dual-sided sponges that have both scrubby and soft sides that way you can flip them based on the task. Plus, when they're dirty, you can sanitize them in the dishwasher and they'll come out looking fresh and new.

    A 4-pack of dual-sided Sponge Daddy scrubbers

    16. A Bissell carpet cleaner because living in a carpeted home will be so much less stressful when you have this compact device tucked away in your utility closet.

    A model using the Pet Stain Eraser cleaner to spray and vacuum a wine stain from off a stair's carpet

    17. Or a Febreze carpet foam cleaner if you're looking for a more affordable solution that can still get the job done.

    A 22-ounce can of Febreze heavy-traffic carpet foam made with Gain fragrance

    18. An OxiClean stain remover, so your carpets and area rugs can remain blemish-free for decades. It uses oxygenated bleach (which works on pretty much every stain imaginable) to quickly dissolve stains.

    A model spraying OxiClean on a wine stain

    19. A Bar Keepers Friend cleanser powder for those tough stains like grease, rust, mildew, and hard water deposits that require a rough scrubbing that is gentle enough not to scratch the surface. I especially love using this on my pots, pans, and gas range.

    A 21-ounce can of Bar Keeper's Friend cleanser that can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, on cookware, or outdoors

    20. Weiman stainless-steel wipes that'll make your appliances sparkle.

    A before image of a streaky fridge and an image of the same fridge after using Weiman stainless steel wipes

    21. A gas range cleaner and degreaser for anyone who feels weirdly uncomfortable about the fact that the place where they cook food is weirdly the grossest are of their home.

    the 12-ounce spray bottle

    22. A hardwood floor luster that'll fill out small scratches and bring richness back to your hardwood floors.

    A 27-ounce bottle of Quick Shine hardwood floor luster which is like a new floor in a bottle and is fortified with pure, plant-based carnauba to restore, protect and refresh hardwood

    23. Lemi Shine dishwasher pods because you want cleaning products that are eco-friendly, but you still want to use stuff that can power through the tough muck.

    A 25-pack of Lemi Shine dishwashing detergent pods that use a powder and gel combo to remove grease and food without leaving behind a toxic residue

    24. Sprayway glass cleaner that'll make you abandon every other glass cleaner you've ever tried. The foam clings to the glass so that it can dissolve grime without dripping or leaving streaks.

    Sprayway, the world's best glass cleaner which is ammonia-free, leaves a streak-free shine, and has a foaming action

    25. A weekly shower cleaner – they'll basically do your least favorite chore for you in one quick spritz.

    A before photo of a dirty shower and a photo of the same shower after using Wet & Forget

    With all these products, you won't even need a magic spell to get your house clean in a jiffy.

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