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    16 Decor DIYs That Are Cuter And Cheaper Than An Ikea Headboard

    Literally just paint a square behind your bed. It's way cuter, anyways.

    1. Nail a few thin pieces of wood around your bed to create a really lightweight faux headboard.

    2. Suspend two curtain rods, and then hide string lights behind gauze curtains for a fairy-tale-worthy look.

    3. Paint a rectangle on the wall for a colorful frame that probably costs less than your sheets.

    4. If you've got high ceilings, try hanging some fake flowers.

    strings of fake flowers above a bed

    5. Pin up your favorite tapestry for a casual and bohemian look.

    6. Hang pegboard so your decor can change whenever your mood does.

    pegboard above a bed

    7. Cut and paint foam sheets to brighten up your room with funky patterns, and switch 'em around whenever fresh inspiration strikes.

    geometric-shaped foam pieces

    8. Arrange your bed so it sits against a window, and let your curtains and the sunlight replace a headboard.

    a bed against a window

    9. Or install a panel of patterned wallpaper if you want something a little more fun.

    wave-patterned wallpaper in a bedroom

    10. Cover a bench cushion with a cool fabric to make a fake headboard that will also provide padding when you sit up and read.

    a fake headboard on a bed

    11. Hang art above your bed to fill the blank space, and add balance to your room.

    framed photos on one side of a bedroom

    12. Or throw everything you've got on the wall if your style is a bit more dramatic than that.

    13. Center a macrame hanging over your head if you want a more neutral focal point.

    14. Float a few shelves over your pillows, and display your favorite trinkets and plants.

    15. Stick a map above your pillows if you're always dreaming of travel.

    wall art above a bed

    16. Or clip Polaroid photos to fairy lights, so you can see your favorite people before bed every night.

    fairy lights with pictures in a bedroom

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