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    Hide All Of Your Shit On These DIY Hideaway Shelves

    Stock with all of your tools, alcohol, or a secret stash of snacks!

    Stow away all of your stuff in upcycled drawers!

    Here's what you'll need:

    * 2 sheets of plywood

    * 2 drawers

    * Screws

    * Saw

    * Pencil

    * Power drill

    * Drill bits

    * Ruler tape

    * Driving bits

    * 4 hinges

    * Chain

    * 2 Eyebolts

    * 2 Hooks

    * Sandpaper

    * Wood stain or paint

    * Paint brush

    * Wall mount kit (available on Amazon, $7.99)


    1. Remove two drawers from an old piece of furniture.

    2. Cut a piece of plywood to fit inside the center of one drawer. This will act as the divider.

    3. Pre-drill a hole through the drawer wall into the divider and attach the two with a screw.

    4. Align the short side of the second drawer with the short side of the first.

    5. Attach the two drawers with screws, remembering to pre-drill holes.

    6. Cut the leftover plywood from step 2 to be the length and width of the long sides of the now attached drawers. Pre-drill and then attach with screws. This will act as the base of the shelf.

    7. Cut a second piece of plywood to fit over the inside of the drawer and across the base. This will act as the lid.

    8. Align the plywood across the two drawers and attach it to the base using 4 hinges.

    9. Connect the lid to the inside of the drawer with a chain that is long enough that the lid can swing open to a 90 degree angle.

    10. Close the door and attach an eye and hook to the outside of the door and shelf.

    11. Sand down the corners and then stain or paint the wood.

    12. Mount it on the wall.

    Watch the video here.

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