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    29 Beauty Products From Walmart That'll Feel Like A Treat

    A few sheet masks, a new nail polish, and a scalp scrub are all you need to make every day feel like a spa day.

    1. A micro-vibrating roller if your face is feeling a little more tired and puffier than usual. This'll soothe both you *and* your skin — especially your under-eyes.

    The face roller

    2. An Aveeno face sunscreen, because you want to protect your skin from harsh rays, even if you're just popping out for a quick walk.

    The sunscreen

    3. A face mask that is almost as satisfying to apply as it is to peel off.

    The green face mask

    4. A night cream full of black tea and edelweiss extracts to firm up your gorgeous skin and make it look all the more radiant when you wake up.

    The night cream

    5. A cuticle cream that'll restore your nails if your hands are definitely missing their monthly manicure.

    The cuticle cream

    6. A Garnier eye roller so you can get rid of those puffy bags you've been waking up with — I can hear the "ahhhh" already.

    The eye roller

    7. Or a cooling eye balm that uses eggplant extract and green coffee oil to help you with those dark circles.

    The eye balm

    8. A long-lasting Essie nail polish so you can have something to do while you're rewatching Grey's Anatomy for the 800th time.

    The pink nail polish

    9. A sculpting hair gel that'll help you look professional for your 10 a.m. conference calls even when you're working in sweatpants.

    The hair gel

    10. A moisturizing lip crayon if you're looking for something special for your next Zoom party.

    11. A conditioner pudding for anyone whose hair is feeling weak and brittle. You're going to be blown away by how tough your hair is after using this product a few times.

    The leave-in conditioner

    12. An e.l.f. eyeshadow palette with 10 shimmering shades, because practicing a few new *lewks* is an awesome way to pass the time.

    Three models' arms with the eyeshadow shades to show its shade range

    13. An argan oil if your lovely locks are looking a little dehydrated.

    The argan oil

    14. A cleansing device that will give your face a better scrub than your hands ever could.

    The facial cleansing brush

    15. A thick and moisturizing hand cream because all that hand sanitizer is really drying out your skin.

    The hand cream

    16. A facial cleanser made with manuka honey to treat yourself to something sweet every day of the week. To make it even more delightful, this thick, luscious product becomes a foam in the shower.

    The facial cleanser

    17. A Stila liquid eyeliner that will look so sharp in your next TikTok video.

    The eyeliner

    18. A beard oil if you've been growing it out since you stopped going to the office. It can get a little itchy if it's not properly conditioned!

    The beard oil

    19. A face serum that penetrates three different layers of skin so that your face gets the deep hydration it needs.

    The face serum

    20. A nourishing balm for when your skin needs moisture but you don't want to touch your face. Rub this all over your face like a glue stick and let it work its magic!

    The face balm stick

    21. A refresher spray because, every once in a while, you need to remind yourself to stop and smell the roses.

    The facial mist spray

    22. A bar of soap that will make your daily shower feel like a luxe, spa-like experience.

    The bar of soap

    23. A serum-in-cream if you want to ~smooth~ out some stress by massaging this into your complexion — its heavenly scent won't hurt, either.

    The beaded cream

    24. A pack of dainty and adorable pastel makeup sponges for anyone who likes applying makeup but hates cleaning their sponges.

    The makeup sponges

    25. A John Frieda hair mask to satisfy your itch to lighten your locks while still maintaining your promise to your hairdresser that you wouldn't screw up your mane with some cheap dye.

    The hair mask

    26. A Juelp lip gloss so you can hydrate your lips and look good while doing it.

    Model wearing the light pink lip gloss

    27. A Living Proof thickening cream if you want to crank up the volume in your hair.

    The thickening hair cream

    28. A Philosophy moisturizer that will give your face that dewy glow you thought you could only get with a ton of highlighter.

    The jar of face cream

    29. A nail strengthener if your nails are breaking, peeling, and just generally falling apart.

    The nail strengthener

    You pretty much every night for the rest of your quarantine:

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