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    31 Things From Target That'll Basically Make Your Home Look Like It's Straight Out Of A Magazine

    With farmhouse shelves, boho storage chests, and mid-century accent chairs, we've got gorgeous finds for every decor style.

    1. A open-top storage bench, so you can store your shoes in the same place you plop to take them off at the end of the day.

    2. A soap dispenser made out of recycled glass, because what is better than eco-friendly decor?!

    A transparent glass soap dispenser

    3. A letterboard if you want decor that ~sends a message~ about who you are.

    A black letterboard with the words "Eat Sleep Study" in white

    4. A hand towel, so you can give your bathroom a pop of pattern.

    A textured blue and white hand towel on a bathroom sink

    5. A nightstand that obviously ~floats~ above the rest.

    A legless gray nightstand with two shelves that it attached to the wall

    6. A peel-and-stick wallpaper, so you can make your apartment look like a beachhouse even if you're in a landlocked state.

    Wallpaper that looks like white paneling

    7. A rustic basket that you can use to store toys, blankets, towels, or an indoor plant.

    A braided decorative straw basket

    8. A four-pack of coasters if you are looking for any opportunity to bring the outdoors into your home.

    Four coasters that look like they were carved from a tree

    9. A pendant lamp that will surely be an upgrade from that ugly boob fixture that seems to come attached to every home available for rent.

    A gold domed light fixture that hangs from the ceiling

    10. A quilt set, so your dreams are filled with secret gardens and chirping birdies.

    11. A framed canvas that would be a perfect addition to the home you share with your bestie.

    12. A desk if you're finally accepting the fact that working from the couch is simply not sustainable.

    A brown work desk with a side cabinet and two drawers

    13. A sheet set that will impart that vintage resort look.

    White sheets with pink cartoon flamingos

    14. A spice rack, so you can display all of your favorite seasonings right on the kitchen counter.

    A wooden spice rack with three levels

    15. A three-drawer storage chest that is so freakin' mod, I can barely stand it.

    A black dresser with wicker paneling

    16. A washable rug if you're sick of cleaning kid and pet stains out of your textiles and would so much rather just throw 'em in the wash with everything else.

    A herringbone rug in white and gray

    17. A bathroom vanity light, so you can clearly see what you're doing when you're doing your makeup.

    A vanity light with four naked bulbs above a bathroom sink

    18. An upholstered chair that will make your friends green with envy.

    A green upholstered chair with light wood legs

    19. A sheer window curtain panel if the sunlight in your home gets a bit too bright in the afternoon.

    White see-through curtains with blue floral detailing

    20. A throw pillow that will give any room some flair.

    A pink velvet throw pillow with purple tassels

    21. A set of blackout curtains if you just want to be able to sleep in on the weekends.

    A set of light blue blackout curtains over a window

    22. A wall mirror and shelf, so you can check your look in the same place that you grab your keys on the way out the door.

    A rectangular gold trimmed mirror with a small gold shelf at the bottom

    23. A wooden bead garland that will make your home feel festive all year round.

    A wooden bead garland with multicolored tassels

    24. A patio umbrella if the one you own is looking a little weathered, and you're looking for a new one with a bit more character.

    A white patio umbrella with tassels on the edges on a black stand

    25. A two-tiered coffee table that is great for small living rooms that need as much tasteful storage space as possible.

    A gray two-tiered coffee table

    26. A cookie jar from the Cravings By Chrissy Teigen line, because we worship at the altar of Chrissy (as well as that of French bulldogs) whenever we can.

    A white ceramic bulldog-shaped cookie jar with gold accents

    27. A wooden shelf if you want to give your kitchen some farmhouse charm and a whole bunch of convenient storage space.

    A wooden shelf attached to a wall with a bar to hang things from

    28. A limestone bookend, because nothing makes for classier decor than a row of books, IMHO.

    A beige, curved limestone bookend

    29. A table lamp that is both a decorative statue and a lovely source of ambient light.

    A gray lamp with rectangular pattern detailing

    30. A settee bench, because the tall legs and clean lines will make your living room feel airy and more spacious than it actually is.

    A gray upholstered bench

    31. A dining table with a small footprint and a whole lot of style.

    A white round dining table with three intersecting light wood legs

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