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21 Hella Cheap Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

Because it should be your happy place.

1. Roll your towels so they take up less space and look as neat as the ones in a five-star hotel.

2. Pour your unsightly branded bottles into fancy uniform pumps.

3. Perch your soap on pebbles so that the soapy water has a place to drain, instead of leaving it to dry into a goopy mess.

4. Stick a waterproof speaker onto your shower wall to pipe out some soothing spa music.

5. Scrub your grout with a Magic Eraser to make your space look less grimy.

6. Stock bathroom essentials like cotton swabs, soap, and cotton balls in glass jars.

7. Organize the hidden storage space with roll-out drawers so it doesn't ruin the ~relaxed vibe~ every time you open it.

8. Or just stick a lazy Susan in there so that you aren't knocking everything over each time you need to grab something.

9. Decoupage lace to your window so you can get a little privacy without blocking out the light.

10. Bring in a bit of life with a few plants that thrive in low-light, humid environments.

11. Hang a bar instead of using a hook so that your towels aren't falling to the ground every five seconds.

12. Hang bundles of eucalyptus on your shower head for a refreshing smell every time you turn on the hot water.

13. Attach a wine holder to the wall to make your bath even more relaxing.

14. Or lay a table across your bathtub so you have a spot for your book, as well.

15. Choose a curved curtain rod to make your shower way more spacious.

16. Frame your lame mirror with a wood trim.

17. String together a fancy teak bath mat to replace the cloth one that is currently sitting in its own damp filth.

18. Paint your sink fixtures for a more modern update.

19. And paint the whole vanity while you're at it.

20. Hang shelves to save valuable cabinet space and take advantage of otherwise bare walls.

21. Or paint some wine crates to match the walls and hang them with command strips if you can't commit to such a permanent change.

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