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    31 Basic Tools From Walmart That Everyone Should Probably Have In Their Home

    You're gonna be a pro before you know it.

    1. A hole punch if your belts are always just slightly too big on you.

    2. A hammer so you can hit the nail on the head every single time — the magnetic nail starter will make things much easier.

    3. A 23-inch toolbox that'll keep all of your handy tools as neat and tidy as your handiwork.

    4. A utility knife with built-in blade storage because you won't want to *cut corners* when you're messing with sharp objects.

    5. A pair of leather gloves that'll keep your hands clean, dry, and safe.

    6. A pair of safety glasses so you're not risking poking an eye out every time you try out a new power tool.

    7. A mini tubing cutter because there's just no *getting around* the fact that no tool will make a chore easier than this one.

    8. A step ladder with two project trays and a paper towel holder so you can stay up there for ages.

    9. Or a step stool in case your home is way too small for you to have a massive ladder hanging around.

    10. An oscillating tool kit with 10 accessories and a carrying bag that'll *cut* the time it takes to finish those projects you've been dragging your feet on.

    11. A pair of pliers so you won't have to call a plumber every time you have a leaky pipe.

    12. A level because all of your art and floating shelves will probably be crooked if you don't use it.

    13. An electronic stud finder so you can find the partner of your dreams... JK, but seriously, you'll need it if you're planning to hang anything heavier than a picture frame on the wall.

    14. Or a stud finder that'll also detects pipes, wires, metal studs, and movement (if you suspect that you have critters living behind the drywall).

    15. A detail sander so you can buff out all of the rough edges.

    16. A framing and palm nailer kit because you're not going to be able to pull off larger projects with your humble hammer.

    17. A tape measure with a magnetic end hook that'll certainly come in *handy,* even if you're not.

    18. Or a laser measure if you're going to be measuring really large spaces and need to be really exact about it.

    19. A two-pack of folding sawhorses so that you won't put a limb at risk whenever you pull out the saw.

    20. A drill that'll make you feel like a pro even if you've never used one before.

    21. A 10-piece screwdriver set so you'll never end up stripping a screw because you didn't have the right tip.

    22. Or a 35-piece ratcheting screwdriver set if you just want one tool that can do it all.

    23. A staple gun you'll become really *attached* to once you see what it can do.

    24. A non-contact voltage tester so that won't get zapped when you rewire an outlet or switch out a light fixture.

    25. A 30-piece hex key wrench set because I seriously doubt you'll be able to find the wrench that came with your Ikea headboard when you move out... you're not going to be able to get it through the door without one!

    26. A circular saw with a laser guide that'll light the way to the perfect cut.

    27. Or a regular old hand saw if power tools usually make you nervous.

    28. A wall-mounted work table so your equipment won't take up the entire garage.

    29. A digital caliper for when working on a smaller scale where every fraction of a centimeter counts.

    30. A 6-outlet surge protector because you'll want to take good care of your electric tools.

    31. A torque wrench so fixing up your car won't be absolute *torque-ture.*

    Nailed it.

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