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    Updated on Mar 31, 2019. Posted on Jun 25, 2018

    16 Clever Ways To Re-Use Empty Baby Food Jars

    Planters, snack packs, and sewing kits.

    1. Soak jars in watered-down dish soap to make their labels easy to peel off.

    Tara Botwinick / Via Facebook: officialgoodful

    They should peel off easily after 30 minutes. If not, stick them back in the bath and try again 10 minutes later. Learn more here.

    2. Nail them to the underside of a work bench or shelf to keep your hardware organized.

    3. Glue magnets to the lids to keep the spices on the fridge.

    The seal is perfect for keeping spices fresh! Paint the jar or decoupage the sides so less light gets through, as it's best if spices aren't exposed to too much light. Learn more here.

    4. Shake up some mica powder with water to make a mindfulness jar.

    John Gara / Via

    Mica powder is an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic glitter, and gives off a way more swirly, iridescent effect. Fill the jar with water, pour in the mica powder, and hot glue the lid on the jar. If someone's throwing a tantrum, shake up the jar and tell them to sit quietly until the glitter slows. Learn more here.

    Get 24 colors of mica powder from Amazon for $11.99.

    5. Plant a few seeds to keep fresh herbs handy when you're cooking.

    These little guys will fit right in the windowsill so you can grab a few leaves when you're cooking. Just dig a little hole, plant the seeds, and cover with soil. Learn more here.

    6. Or hang the jars up with wire to float cute succulents all over the house.

    Use a measuring cup to pour ground shells or dirt in the glass, then plant your tiny succulents. Wrap the lip of the jar with floral wire, then hook a U-shaped piece of wire onto the wrap. Learn more here.

    7. Dye some rice to make rattles for sensory play.

    Shake up a cup of rice with a teaspoon of vinegar and a few drops of food coloring. Let the rice dry on a paper towel or plate before sticking it back in the jar, and hot gluing the top shut. Learn more here.

    8. Melt your burned-up candles to give them new life in these perfectly-sized jars.

    9. Store snacks in them so you can keep a few servings available in your purse. / Via

    Perfect for small hands so you can just pass the container to your toddler while they're sitting in their stroller. Use the glass ones to bring your yogurt or nuts to work. Learn more here.

    10. Squeeze paint out into the jars, or containers, when it's time for arts and crafts.

    Instead of squeezing the paint out onto a paper plate (wasting both the paint and the plate), squeeze it into the baby food containers. The lids will also keep the paint fresh for the next art project. Learn more here.

    11. Sew stuffing inside fabric and glue it to a jar lid to make a pin cushion for your sewing kit.

    Stock the jar full of buttons, thread, and a thimble. Learn more here.

    12. Glue plastic toys to the tops of the jars to make a fun party favor.

    Or just fill the jar up with M&M's and tie a bow around the lip! Learn more here.

    13. Fill the jar with matches and stick the striker strip on the inside of the lid.

    Keeping your matches in jars will keep them dry and the lid will be a much sturdier place to strike your match than the box the matches come in. Learn more here.

    14. Poke holes in the lids to make a cute set of salt and pepper shakers.

    15. Stuff them with slime and clay to keep a few tactile activities on hand.

    The slime and clay will last much longer in the jars. Glue googly eyes, cupcake liners, and toys on the jars to make glitter slime monsters like these. Learn more here.

    16. And use them as shot glasses if you ever have guests that feel like a quick drink.

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