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    16 Clever Ways To Re-Use Empty Baby Food Jars

    Planters, snack packs, and sewing kits.

    1. Soak jars in watered-down dish soap to make their labels easy to peel off.

    2. Nail them to the underside of a work bench or shelf to keep your hardware organized.

    3. Glue magnets to the lids to keep the spices on the fridge.

    4. Shake up some mica powder with water to make a mindfulness jar.

    5. Plant a few seeds to keep fresh herbs handy when you're cooking.

    6. Or hang the jars up with wire to float cute succulents all over the house.

    7. Dye some rice to make rattles for sensory play.

    8. Melt your burned-up candles to give them new life in these perfectly-sized jars.

    9. Store snacks in them so you can keep a few servings available in your purse.

    10. Squeeze paint out into the jars, or containers, when it's time for arts and crafts.

    11. Sew stuffing inside fabric and glue it to a jar lid to make a pin cushion for your sewing kit.

    12. Glue plastic toys to the tops of the jars to make a fun party favor.

    13. Fill the jar with matches and stick the striker strip on the inside of the lid.

    14. Poke holes in the lids to make a cute set of salt and pepper shakers.

    15. Stuff them with slime and clay to keep a few tactile activities on hand.

    16. And use them as shot glasses if you ever have guests that feel like a quick drink.