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What Are A Few Rules For The Gym That You Think People Should Know?

Stop. Slamming. Your. Weights.

Going to the gym can be a struggle at times.

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And it really doesn't help when you get there, and it seems like people totally forget how to behave in public.

So, now's the time to get it off your chest: What's the gym etiquette rule you wish everyone followed?

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It could be something really small. Like, maybe you wished people wiped their seats down a little more often.

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Or perhaps it makes you super uncomfortable when people linger around waiting for you to finish using the machine.

Maybe you would just love if people were a bit quieter when they're using weights.

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Or perhaps you would prefer if people didn't try to give you unsolicited advice during your workout.

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Whatever it is, we want to know! Tell us the most annoying thing people do at the gym in the dropbox below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!