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    31 Cleaning Products From Target That May Make You Think, "Where Have You Been All My Life?"

    You better take some before pictures now, because the transformation is going to be stunning.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A dry wash spray, so you can get one more wear out of your favorite tee before laundry day.

    Clear bottle with florals that says "Love Home And Planet Re-Wear Dry Wash Spray"

    Promising review: "Have you ever been inside one of those stores that sell crystals, herbs, tarot cards, and candles for banishing your ex-boyfriend? This spray smells just like that. It's a very fresh, mystical smell. I love that it is cruelty- and paraben-free. I feel comfortable spraying it in the house without worrying that I'm exposing my family to toxins. If you haven't smelled it yet, just order it and you'll know exactly what I mean." —Target reviewer

    Price: $7.49.

    2. A power scrubber because you've neglected your grout for so long, you're going to need all of the help you can get. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and grime stuck in your bathroom tiles!

    Hand holds red and black power scrubber cleaning grime from a shower tile

    Promising review: "This tool works like a charm on my grout! I was using a grout brush, and it was so much work. This power scrubber is a lifesaver. I just spray a vinegar, dish soap, and water solution to loosen the dirt, let it sit for five minutes, then scrub away!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $19.99.

    3. A 20-pack of sweeping cloths that traps twice as much dirt within its 30,000 fibers as a normal Swiffer cloth.

    Green Swiffer Sweeper with soft sweeping cloth wipes grime from a hardwood floor

    Promising review: "I have allergies and three Corgi dogs who shed quite a bit, so these Swiffer Heavy-Duty Dry Cloths are a must. They pick up significantly more than the regular dry sweep cloths. I may alternate with the regular ones since these are a bit pricey; however, they are definitely more effective if you need more than just a light cleaning." —Target reviewer

    Price: $7.99.

    4. A stain remover, because accidents happen... especially when you've got a new puppy in the house!

    Gray and blue spray bottle that says "Bissell Pro Oxy Stain Destroyer"

    Promising review: "I've always used Bissell carpet cleaners. This spray makes the pet stains and old dirt disappear quickly with a little scrubbing. The carpet looks like it did when we moved in. My husband thought it bleached our light gray carpet until I reminded him that that's how it's supposed to look. I will absolutely buy this spot cleaner again and again for in between deep cleanings." —Target reviewer

    Price: $5.99

    5. A tiny bottle of detergent that is so concentrated, it can clean up to 66 loads of laundry! The formula is hypo-allergenic but is powerful enough to remove all of the stains and leave your clothes smelling like mangoes for hours.

    Clear bottle of Method Laundry Detergent with a mango-colored liquid inside

    Promising review: "I cannot recommend this product enough! It smells so clean and amazing and does not irritate my sensitive skin. I no longer buy any other laundry detergent." —Target reviewer

    Price: $12.99.

    6. Or a 45-pack of detergent pods, so you can toss it in the wash and be on your way. It doesn't have any synthetic fragrances, artificial brighteners, or dyes — just a whole bunch of plant-based ingredients that are gentle on your skin and tough on stains.

    Cloud-colored package of 45 Seventh Generation laundry detergent packs

    Promising review: "I love this detergent! They don't leave behind a residue on my clothes as the other brands do, and I don't break out from it. I am allergic to nearly all detergents, even the ones that say free and clear! I was nervous to try this, but it works really well!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $11.99.

    7. A bottle of dish soap specifically designed for cleaning out your baby's bottles. It's hypoallergenic, pediatrician-approved, and much more effective at removing milk film and odor.

    Pink and clear bottle of Dapple Bottle and Dish Soap next to a silver sink

    Promising review: "I wish I knew about this product sooner! It's amazing! My baby's bottles no longer smell like dish soap and they come out super clean. It also saves me time when I'm washing them. I recommend this product for anyone with little ones — even toddlers who use sippies!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $4.99.

    8. A bottle of Goo Gone to eliminate the sticky spots that are usually so frustrating to remove. Glue, jam, and gum are no match for this formula, which removes messes without damaging surfaces.

    Bottle of Goo Gone Goo & Adhesive Remover with orange liquid inside on a countertop

    Promising review: "This works very well, especially for removing sticky labels. I purchased a mirror and there was a huge sticker in the top corner. I tried everything to remove it and finally broke down and bought this. It was so easy to use, has a very pleasant smell, and doesn't leave any residue behind." —Target reviewer

    Price: $4.39.

    9. A rinse aid, so your dishes will be streak-free and totally dry once the dishwashing cycle is up.

    Silver bottle that says "Cascade Platinum Power Dry Rinse Aid"

    Promising review: "We stopped using rinsing agents years ago as they didn't appear to make much of a difference, but this one does. My glasses look gorgeous! Our water is much harder than most, so this product would probably be effective in any machine." —Target reviewer

    Price: $5.29.

    10. A duster that'll get to work on your dusty fans at home. The specially coated fibers lock in three times more dust and allergens than a feather duster, and the extendable hander makes it so much easier to clean your entire home from top to bottom.

    Yellow duster extends over the side of a brown fan to remove dust

    Promising review: "As the mother of two toddlers, two cats, a dog, and a spouse who is a hard laborer, I am constantly cleaning. This duster makes it less of a chore. The length of the handle is adjustable and can be extended up to three feet. The wand can be adjusted at all different angles and can be folded in for easier storage. The duster stays in place once it's attached, and dust and dander clings to it." —Target reviewer

    Price: $7.99.

    11. A squeegee because wiping the water off your walls after you're done showering is a really easy way to prevent mildew, mold, and ugly water stains.

    Silver squeegee hanging on a silver wall hook

    Promising review: "It seems silly to write a review for such a little product, but this is worth it. The brushed aluminum hook and the plexiglass handle looks terrific in our glass door shower. The rubber blade does a great job and doesn't leave any streaks. We couldn't be happier with it." —Target reviewer

    Price: $14.99.

    12. A microfiber floor mop that is way better for your floors than a traditional mop because *cups mouth and screams* too much water will ruin your beautiful hardwood!

    Navy microfiber mop for cleaning hardwood floors

    Promising review: "I've had a myriad of mops, but this gets into all of the corners and edges of the cabinetry." —Target reviewer

    Price: $15.99.

    13. A long, bristled brush for all of those hard-to-reach places such as dryer lint traps, air vents, and radiators that, for safety reasons, really need to be cleaned.

    Black bristled brush sweeps dust out of a hardwood floor radiator

    Promising review: "This cleaning wand is very sturdy and allows me to clean under the sofa where my vacuum and Roomba can't reach." —Target reviewer

    Price: $5.49.

    14. A variety pack of Magic Erasers, so you can try all of the different styles of these awesome cleaning pads. The bath scrubber slices through soap scum, the kitchen scrubber mops up grease in a jiff, and the extra-durable scrubber is specially equipped to tackle those extra-tough messes.

    White magic eraser wipes away crayon drawings from a fridge

    This set includes two extra-durable scrubbers, two bath scrubbers, and two kitchen scrubbers.

    Promising review: "I have always used the Mr. Clean pads and I'm glad they made different ones for different rooms. They really do work and it makes cleaning a lot easier. —Target reviewer

    Price: $7.99.

    15. A 4-pack of dishwasher cleaner because your dishes will come out much cleaner if your dishwasher gets a scrub-down once a month.

    Blue and white Lemi Shine Appliance Cleaner packs

    Promising review: "This cleaner is awesome! Our dishwasher was in pretty bad shape due to the hard well water and lots of use. After using just one packet of Lemi Shine, our dishwasher looks brand new! I will buy this product for as long as I own a dishwasher." —Target reviewer

    Price: $6.99.

    16. A natural multi-surface cleaner, so you can easily remove grime, food residue, and more stains from kitchen appliances. You won't have to use a bunch of cleaning products to get the job done.

    Model sprays clear bottle of Puracy Natural Surface Remover on a stove

    Promising review: "This is my first time trying Puracy's all-purpose cleaner and I love it! The scent is very nice but, most importantly, it's all-natural and developed by doctors. It cleans glass without leaving residue or streaks. Anyone who has autoimmune issues or allergies should really consider this product, but I am recommending it to everyone!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $6.99.

    17. A spin mop and bucket because cleaning your floors shouldn't be a dangerous endeavor.


    Promising review: "I usually hate mopping because it hurts my back, but this mop changed everything for me. Everything about this was easy and saved me from having to bend over. The spin is very effective and decreases the amount of solution I use. I was amazed at how much dirt and stuff it removed. I was hesitant to spend $40, but it was so worth it." —Target reviewer

    Price: $29.99.

    18. A 30-pack of stainless-steel wipes to give your kitchen a thorough wipe-down without leaving streaks or damaging the finishes. These will coat your fridge, oven, and faucets in a protective barrier, so you won't have to wipe them down quite as often.

    Silver container that says "Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes"

    Promising review: "Wow! I've always tried to use regular kitchen cleaners on our stainless-steel and could never get it to look like new again, until I got these Weiman wipes. I wish I would've taken before and after pictures because the difference is spectacular. It cleaned off water streaks, buttery fingerprints, and dried-on food. I will definitely be buying these wipes over and over again." —Target reviewer

    Price: $3.89

    19. A container of OxiClean because, unlike chlorine bleach, oxygenated bleach brightens and removes stains from both white and colorful fabrics.

    White and clear tub that says "OxiClean With Odor Blasters"

    Promising review: "This product took the weird smell from my towels and did not leave them smelling overly perfumed." —Target reviewer

    Price: $8.99.

    20. A dish spray starter kit that basically deals with everything you hate about washing the dishes. All you have to do is spray, wipe, and rinse.

    Hand holds blue bottle of Dawn Dish Spray over a sink filled with cups, plates, and utensils

    This set includes one starter kit and one refill.

    Promising review: "I love this! I spray the dishes after a rinse and let them sit. I come back after a few minutes and the dishes are clean! The red pasta stains are gone! Amazing!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $8.49.

    21. A 33-pack of detergent pods because you don't want to waste water or time pre-washing all of the dishes that you're going to stick in the dishwasher anyway. Even if you forgot to run a cycle the night before, these pods will scrub off all that caked-on food and leave your dishes sparkling.

    White and clear tub of Cascade Platinum + Oxi Stain-Fighting ActionPacs

    Promising review: "We drink tea, and this is the only detergent that takes the stains out of the cups. It is super! Target has the best price that we’ve found, too." —Target reviewer

    Price: $11.59

    22. A utility brush for when your chores require a bit of extra elbow grease.

    White utility scrub brush with a gray handle and white bristles

    Promising review: "This scrub brush is a must-have item for when it comes to bathroom cleaning! I used this scrub brush to clean the tile and grout in my shower, and it really got the job done. My shower looks like a brand new shower after using this cleaning tool! It's also super easy to use because of the big handle." —Target reviewer

    Price: $2.99.

    23. A 2-pack of clinging bleach gel that you can squirt around the ring of your toilet and scrub away with your trusty toilet brush.

    Clear 2-Pack of Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner Clinging Bleach Gel

    Promising review: "This works like magic! I have tried so many things to clear the mold out of the tub tiles, and this finally did the job!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $3.29.

    24. Or a disposable toilet cleaning system if you need every incentive you can get to do this abhorrent chore.

    Box of Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning System

    This set includes a wand, six refills, and a caddy.

    Promising review: "No matter how many times you clean or bleach them, toilet bowl brushes are disgusting. I love this product! I love the slim design as it easily fits into a small space in the bathroom. The sponge gets super sudsy in the toilet and scrubs well. It easily pops off, then I give the wand a quick rinse and pop it right back into its very convenient holder. I will be repurchasing another one to give to my mom for her new apartment." —Targetreviewer

    Price: $9.19.

    25. A microfiber cloth that sucks up spills twice as fast as your dingy cotton dishcloths. Plus, it's much more effective at removing bacteria.

    Blue microfiber cloth folded up on a table

    Promising review: "This is my absolute favorite microfiber cloth. It does not shrink, pill, or fall apart. I have been purchasing these cloths for years and hope that Scotch-Brite never stops selling them. It works without cleaners on glass, countertops, and every other surface in my house." —Target reviewer

    Price: $2.99.

    26. A bottle of dish soap for anyone who wants to switch to eco-friendly cleaning products. This plant-based soap is scented with ethically sourced vanilla, made with ingredients that come from renewable sources, and poured into a recyclable bottle.

    Clear bottle that says "Love Home And Planet Dish Liquid" with a lemon-print design

    Promising review: "How good is this dish soap? Good enough that I am taking the time to write a review for it. The smell is so amazing that it honestly smells like an expensive perfume. It gets very sudsy, so a little goes a long way. It is actually effective at cleaning greasy dishes and is also gentle enough for sensitive skin — I have eczema and it doesn’t irritate my skin." —Target reviewer

    Price: $3.39.

    27. A 4-pack of sponges that you can sanitize in the dishwasher and reuse again and again.

    Yellow, orange, green, and blue Sponge Daddy sponges on a kitchen countertop

    Promising review: "These are the best dish sponges I’ve ever used! They do an excellent job cleaning, don’t scratch, and don’t get that yucky smell that you find with a normal dish sponge. They last longer, too!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $4.69.

    28. A container of Bon Ami because, trust me, this stuff works. It's a gentle abrasive that you can use on pretty much any surface in the house without scratching it.

    Hand shakes container of Bon Ami powder over a kitchen countertop

    Promising review: "I have used Bon Ami for scouring the stainless-steel sink in my kitchen, the bathroom washbasin, and the bathtubs. I prefer this product for safe and simple cleaning over powders that contain bleach. Bon Ami's ingredients are biodegradable — in fact, one of the ingredients is baking soda. Thank you, Target, for supplying my long-time favorite scrubbing powder." —Target reviewer

    Price: $1.49.

    29. A clog remover if your shower is slowly becoming a bath because there is basically half a head of hair in your drain.

    Model pours gold container of Liquid-Plumr Pro-Strength Full Clog Destroyer down a shower drain

    Promising review: "For about two weeks, my shower was taking about three hours to drain. I tried baking soda and vinegar, Green Gobbler, and Drano, but none of them worked. This was my last resort before calling a plumber, and it worked! I poured the solution down my drain, let it sit for about eight hours, then rinsed it with hot water. Now, my drain is working fine! I am so happy with this product and will use it from now on as preventative care." —Target reviewer

    Price: $6.99.

    30. A 30-count container of leather wipes, so you can wipe off your purse when you come back from the store and clean your couch without ruining the material.

    Black container that says "Weiman Leather Wipes" next to a brown couch

    Promising review: "This item is amazing. It smells great, is easy to use, the price is low, and the quality is great. My sofa looks new after using these wipes."—Target reviewer

    Price: $3.89.

    31. And, of course, a disinfecting cleaner because... well... do I even need to say it?

    White container that says "Soft Scrub Cleanser With Bleach" next to a white sink

    Promising review: "This is the best cleanser for kitchen sinks, the stovetops, and everything in the bathroom! It gets every stain off my white porcelain sink, even rust spots. Shake the bottle every use and always rinse well after scrubbing!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $3.99.

    Congratulations! You are now a cleaning super star.

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