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39 Desk DIYs That Won't Feel Like Work

There's no place like home.

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You've finally put the finishing touches on your house and you're pretty proud of the results...


But the one picture of your dog taped to the side of your cubicle at work is just not cutting it. Decorate your desk with a little taste of home with one of these DIY projects that you will be more than happy to work on after hours.


3. If you love ergonomics and don't give a hoot about design, then build yourself a $22 standing desk with a few pieces of Ikea furniture.

No matter what your style, you should throw this together because sitting is a no-no. See how to make this standing desk using just $22 on I Am Not A Programer.

5. If you love whimsical accents, then brighten up your trash can by knotting some yarn on the mesh.

From trash cans to cup holders to folder organizers, you can do this to any mesh office furniture. Spray paint is optional. Learn how to do it on The Crafted Life.


11. If you love your plants like pets BUT don't really want to try to think about keeping them alive while you work, then turn your pens into fake succulents.

13. If you love overstated minimalism (and contradictions), then pour concrete into fancy ice moulds to pin up notes and reminders.

You could also substitute modeling clay for concrete here for something quick and easy. To get the tiny jewels like these, you'll need to get a few candy molds which you can find at most craft stores. Learn how to make it at Club Crafted.

14. If you love organization but hate organizing, then build this cork board organizer to keep everything in one place with minimal effort.

Accent your corkboard with any shape or color you want with stencils and a bit of paint. See the full tutorial at Sugar and Cloth.


17. If you love everything glam, then spice up your office supplies with some spray paint and a bottle of nail polish.

Probably not the best idea to paint the company stapler — so paint your own and bring it from home. Learn how to make it at Craftaholique.


19. If you love keepin' it groovy, then cover some high-density foam with faux-fur fabric to make a cozy footrest for under your desk.

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Bonus extra seating for any coworker visiting your cube, too. Learn how to make this footrest on A Beautiful Mess.

20. If you love fairytales and romance, then string this heart garland across the top of your cubicle.

Learn how to make this one on Almost Makes Perfect. You can make any kind of garland you like with different plywood shapes. The TomKat Studio makes one that uses tissue paper, instead.

21. If you love cute quotes and inspirational phrases, then display your favorites on painted canvases.

Blitsy uses sticker letters that are available for purchase. That's great if you don't have an artistic hand, but you can also achieve the look with your printer and a bit of strategic shading like they do on Bread Booze Bacon.


28. If you love shabby chic updates, then dress up a lame lamp with your favorite fabric.

Learn how to make this on Simply Ciani. You could also use a shirt that you love but just doesn't fit right by turning it into yarn. Learn how to do so on Mollie Makes.


31. If you love shelves full of books, then choose a few that are too tattered (and that you don't mind injuring), and turn them into a box to hide random clutter.

If the thought of destroying your favorites is making your heart race, grab a few old copies from the dollar carts at your local library or bookstore. Learn how to make this storage box on Sewing Barefoot.


37. If you love hairpin legs, but don't want to spend the cash on hairpin furniture, then screw the legs into a tabletop to make your own desk.

You might wanna try this for your home desk instead of the office to avoid any HR complaints.... Learn how to build your own goddamn writing desk from BuzzFeed's Daniel Dalton. Find hairpin legs on Hairpin Legs (whodathunk).


39. If you love staying in shape, you should transform your treadmill into a walking desk.


Obviously this is only an option if your coworkers are cool with it, and if you have a spare treadmill, and if you're nuts enough to actually drag that thing to the office... But if all that checks out you can learn how to make it on Whole Lifestyle Nutrition.

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