20 Sleepy Tweets That Were Probably Written At 3am, TBH

    "GOOD MORNING!" said the worst person ever.

    1. Unless you are some kind of superhuman, you are almost always tired.

    I wake up, tired Post up, tired Ride round in it, tired Flossin' on that, tired

    2. It's basically who you are.

    tired isn't even a mood anymore it's my entire personality

    3. Or just an extremely influential aspect of the person you've become.

    Khalid: young dumb and broke Me: tired sleepy and hungry too

    4. You can't even remember the last time you felt well-rested.

    5. Or you can, but it's such a vague memory that it's basically ancient history.

    how i used to pull all-nighters i will never know cos these days i genuinely struggle to even pull all-dayers I'm literally so tired 24/7

    6. You're so used to always being tired that you can't tell when you're not.

    Can't tell if my eyes are dry or if I'm sleepy

    7. You come up with tricks to avoid getting out of bed.

    Teacher: "Why are you late today?" Me: "My dog wouldn’t let me get out of bed..."

    8. And when you do finally get out of bed, you spend the rest of the morning wishing you didn't.

    Sorry I'm late, I sat on my bed for an hour in a towel staring at the wall.

    9. You're always on the hunt for possible remedies to your exhaustion.

    INTERNET ARTICLE: How To Be Less Tired. Me: Nice! I need help here! ARTICLE: Start by sleeping-- ME: ok so unrealistic expectations I see

    10. Because you know how much you could accomplish if you could keep your eyes open.

    11. You literally don't even have an excuse for your exhaustion.

    so tired even though i did like absolutely nothing

    12. But it's so frequent, that your ~look~ is ~tired~.

    other girls: working out, looking like a snack me: always tired, looking for a snack

    13. You struggle at parties, but hey, you showed up.

    When the Cha Cha Slide says "hands on ya knees hands on ya knees" but you tired

    14. But you just want to find someone who will commiserate with your exhaustion.

    hey i’m emotionally unstable, always sleepy and terrible at texting do you wanna date me

    15. You honestly don't understand how other people get to sleep so fucking easily.

    16. Maybe that's why they're so fucking ~chipper~ all the time.

    I’m not an early bird or a night owl… I’m some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.

    17. You sometimes wonder why you're even like this.

    last name tired, first name always

    18. But then you realize it's because you've been up to who knows what at all hours of the damn night.

    Me at 3am fightin sleep to scroll thru dead social media timelines and change random settings on my phone after bei… https://t.co/T2oMHex8yS

    19. You just want people to accept you the way you are.

    RT if you are also tired & ugly and just want to sleep

    20. Just know you're not alone. We're all so fucking tired.

    I'm pretty sure they don't even know each other #FinalsWeek