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    20 Easy Gift Wrapping Hacks You Still Have Time To Do

    Aaand that's a wrap!

    1. Use the funnies section of the newspaper because it's ~eco-friendly~ and free(ish).

    2. Or just use brown paper bags if you read the news on your phone.

    3. Stack homemade cookies in a gift-wrapped Pringle can.

    4. Pleat the ends of cylinders to wrap them without turning them into an awkward Tootsie Roll.

    See it here.

    5. Attach your favorite photo of them instead of writing out gift tags.

    6. Fold ribbon, cut two v-notches on either side, tie a thin ribbon around them, and fluff them out to shape.

    7. Or just paint on some simple bows because IMHO that's actually cuter.

    See it here.

    8. Cut slits into a paper cup and stuff some cookies or headphones in there or something!

    It's already late, so don't overthink it. See it here.

    9. And if you hate making bows, just tie some tulle on, instead.

    10. Tuck fabric around a rubber band to quickly dress up a plant you're gifting.

    11. Wrap awkwardly shaped boxes diagonally and it will look perfect every time.

    So. Much. Easier. See it here.

    12. Cut out triangles from heavy paper or poster board to make triangle-shaped boxes that'll wrap almost any odd-shaped item you have.

    This works best with small and medium size gifts; just cut out bigger triangles as needed. See it here.

    13. Fold leftover toilet paper rolls into last-minute boxes with a bit of paint or washi tape.

    14. Or make your gift wrapping the actual gift by cutting out a few sheets of paper and linking them together.

    You're like a real live Willy Wonka with this gift. See it here.

    15. Buy a single roll of plain wrapping paper, and use paint or stamps to personalize it however you want.

    POPSUGAR Photography / Patricia Pan

    See it here or learn how to make tiny polka dots with a pencil eraser here.

    16. Twist strips of magazine paper into pretty bows for a personal touch.

    17. Slice a few pieces of card stock and fold them into a last-minute gift box.

    18. To make sure your paper-wrapped gift comes out neatly, remember to crease all your folds really sharply.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    See it here.

    19. Tie some string around a bag of candy to make a festive bow that they won't throw out after they pull it off the box.

    20. And save a few more rolls to keep your wrapping paper organized.

    Basically, stop throwing out toilet paper rolls immediately. See it here.