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BTS Just Dropped The MV Teaser For 'MIC Drop' Remix And I Am Not Okay

Fuck. Yes.

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Thread on my original expectations...

Y'all if MIC Drop is one of BTS' best songs... which i think it is personally, but anyways: HOW LIT IS MIC DROP GON…



Ever since Steve Aoki teased that collaboration back in May, I have been readily awaiting this dream collab. I have everyone on notifications, all that stuff.

So today at around 11:00 PM KST, the MV Teaser for MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) dropped and left ARMY with their wigs snatched and the premise of world domination is coming into view for these boys very quickly.

Steve Aoki's heavy bass production within those 30 seconds got me pumped and ready to break it down in my classroom. I mean, seriously, that's amazing, even for me! As a dancer, I don't always instantly feel a beat, but damn I felt this in my bones.

I had a feeling that this was how it was kinda go, because I definitely saw MIC Drop as a windows down song, and not a nice future bassy sound.


The choreo is new and hot, the beat is cranked to eleven. Steve Aoki has made this bop even more lit than I originally thought. The slow buildup to the initial beat is gorgeous, and that elevated bass and revamp of the original MIC Drop intro is sure to please even the most critical of hip hop fans. Say hello to BTS, everyone, because BTS stands for the world's new obsession.

These boys are taking over the world, and this remix and gonna make the heads of Western pop fans heads snap so fast when they want to figure out who is behind this masterful tune.

The Looks. OMF.

BigShit (enter trademark symbol here)

It seems like my man, AgustD is back. #DeadAsfandLovingIt. These boys are looking fancy asf. Hot damn. So expensive....

Hoseok looks like a nice home-cooked meal in all red. (Please, dear God, let me live till the AMAs.)

Namjoon is also here to snatch souls. :D

Tae is killing it in a headband, nothing less than the best from our Gucci boy.

Is that Jungkook in a bucket hat? Good. Stay in your lane.

Jimin is not playing games y'all. What a king.

I can feel the disrespect from Mr. Worldwide Handsome from a mile away. SHIT.

This remix does have Desiigner and he's hidden in that teaser.


Some of y'all already released the MIC Drop Eng. Remix on Youtube because y'all wanna help international / Korean ARMYs out, but it isn't the same. The sound I'm getting isn't quite the same as the one at the concert, but it's pretty dang close.

My theory is that we are getting three versions: English, Japanese, and Steve Aoki x Desiigner remix.

You got that right. Yes, my dudes. That is him in that hoodie. About to take this to level 1000.

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