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20 Memes From Gotham 1x20: "Under The Knife"

Combining my two favorite things, humor and Gotham, here are 20 memes I have made from stills and pictures of Gotham 1x20: "Under the Knife."

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7. When Ed walked in and Miss Kringle was making out with her current bae.

When you see a couple making out and you've just walked into the room, learn from Ed: Avert your eyes and pretend that you are very interested in that watermelon.

I feel for those who are all aboard the Nygma-Kringle ship. Just kidding, I don't care!

8. When Gotham didn't tell us what became of the watermelon.

I think Ed just needs to find better things to invest his time in. Like NOT terrorizing the girl he likes.

But still... what happened with the watermelon?

As always, if you liked this, tell your friends; if you hated this... well, you need to go "under the knife." Hope you enjoyed this article!

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