The Most High-Tech Bird Feeders

Hardcore bird feeders for techy avian-enthusiasts.

1. The Music Lover

This design by Eun Ji Lee is shaped like a megaphone to amplify the chirping of birds. Add some wind chimes and you’ll never have to buy an Enya CD again.

2. The Hidden Camera

This bird feeder houses a hidden camera so close-up shots of birds are a piece of pie. Your Instagram followers are going to be so jealous…

3. The Shocker

Watch a squirrel get shocked in this electrified bird feeder. Harmless to birds, kinda-sorta-less harmless to squirrels.

4. The Crumb Catcher

How you get a real bird to stand next to you while you slice bread may be the bigger issue.

5. The Security Cam

Okay, this one only looks high tech. But why not aim it at your neighbor’s place and freak him out while doing the birds a solid?

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