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24(601) Signs That You Love "Les Miserables"

From the people that have only seen the movie, to the super fans that have seen it all around the world — we love Les Mis! Maybe you've even been it in? But one thing is for sure, we all have a "heart full of love" for this musical.

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1. You've been in it!

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Who doesn't love being in a show, especially one as monumental as Les Miserables!? You get to be part of one of the greatest musicals ever staged! What's not to love!

4. You can't get enough of this vine

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...and that's totally fine. It's brilliant.

9. You can pronounce these names correctly





11. You've read or considered reading the novel


This book is no joke. You are a truly committed Les Miserables fan if you read this. You also realize how much is taken out for the musical, yet it still gets the point across.

12. You'd NEVER consider stealing a loaf of bread


...or RUNNING AWAY! 5 years is pretty steep for stealing a loaf of bread, but I guess it's a walk in the park compared to getting 14 years for running from the law. Just don't do it--even if your sister's child is close to death.

17. You have trouble not crying during the show/movie


Sometimes your emotions get the best of you, and no matter how many times you've seen's hard to watch them die. I mean "A little fall of rain" it's not even fair.

19. You know the musical was originally written in French


I didn't know this till recently. I didn't believe my friend, but he was right! It was first a concept album in French and then it was changed to English for the full production.

23. You consider asking for a refund if the stage doesn't rotate


If you are a lover of the stage productions of yore--then you MUST have your rotating stage, but you deal, because it's expensive. It's a true sign of love for the show--because it bothers you so much. Although, you know the rotating stage doesn't make for an amazing production, it's all about the characters!

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