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18 Times You Were Mary Poppins AF

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious AF

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1. When you realize you left your phone at home:

2. When you're trying to diet:

3. When people are fishing for a compliment:

4. When you're getting the most out of your Fitbit:

5. When your roommates expect you to clean up after them:

6. When you throw serious shade:

7. When all the fucks you give fly away:

8. When you go souvenir shopping:


9. When someone asks if you want free food:



10. When you pack for a weekend trip:

11. When you mock people:

12. When your OOTD is on point:

13. When you mess up your contour:



14. When you get an Uber after a night at the bar:

15. When you leave work on Friday:


16. When bae wants to netflix & chill:

17. When you know your friend is going to screenshot a hideous snapchat of you:

18. When you're living your best life:

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