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Because the name you were given may not be good enough

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Circumstances brought the two musical legends together 9 months ago that changed the internet forever...

I'm sure that most of you were watching, or by now have seen, John Travolta introducing Idina Menzel at the 2014 Oscars.

Travolta is so great that even his mistakes have a following.

If you haven't seen this clip (and there is no excuse for it unless you are living under a rock) please watch the video below:

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Now, as an English major and Linguistics minor I thought to myself, "how in the world did he make that mistake?" I mean, for goodness sakes there is a teleprompter that these people read off of! But then my next thought was, "someone has already posted something online pertaining to this Oscar fail!" Because hello! We're living in the epicenter of the technological age. So I clicked and searched, clicked and searched...

and what did I find?...

The internet has, quite possibly, everything you are looking for. I was so pleased to have found this interweb gem that I forced my entire family to enter their names into the database.

My name came up as Elijah Riveera.

My sister (Allison) was Alexis Riveera

my mother (Laurel) was Luka Riveera

and my father (Richard) was Reezeed Riveera

Have fun generating and make sure to post how Jan Thozomas...I mean, John Travolta would have said your name at the 2014 Oscars in the comment section!

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