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Everyday Things That Make Us Cringe

another list of nopes and ews

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When you're in the shower and the curtain touches you

you are no longer clean. you have been grazed by the devil

On that note, hair that sticks to your wet body/the shower wall

get it off of me! NOW!

People chewing loudly/with their mouth open


When people call and they could have texted you the same info

When you thought that person waved to you...but it was meant for the person behind you

cringe. so embarrassing. I'm gonna die now.

When there are no paper towels in a public bathroom

it's either the air-dryer or your pants...neither are satisfying

That knife to plate sound

instant death to your eardrums

Pick-up lines on Tinder

I'm so uncomfortable

I'm so uncomfortable

Looking back at your yearbook photos

So embarrassing. So awful.

Thinking back on what you told your crush about your cats

And finally, when you are talking about someone and they walk in right behind you

Write what makes you cringe in the comments!

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