21 Ways To Know You’re A Proud Fangirl

Because you didn’t choose the fangirl life, the fangirl life chose you.

1. When You Cry Alone In Your Room

Because feels.

2. When You Cry Harder In Public Than You Do In Your Room

Because more feels.

3. The Cold Doesn’t Bother You Anyway

Especially on a release date.

4. When Your Fav Is Becoming Successful

Proud mommy moment because you believed in them.

5. When You Wish You Could Protect Them From Paps

(Or at least destroy all their cameras)

6. Having More Followers Online Than Friends In Real Life

7. If FanFiction Were A Subject In School, You’d Be On The Honor Roll

Or in detention with notes from teachers asking what’s wrong with your mental health.

8. Being Basically Famous In Your Fandom

Walking into events like “the queen is here”

9. Meeting Fellow Fans From The Internet In Real Life

10. You’d Do Anything To See Your Idols Live

11. You’ll Travel Anywhere To See Them, You Don’t Care

I live in Narnia but hey they’re touring in New York, LET’S GO.

12. You’re Not Afraid To Wear That Perfect Concert Outfit Proudly

You don’t care about the haters in the back (she’s not even dressed up, come on.)

13. Even Though You’re One In A Million , You Know They’ll See You One Day

(Or 52 million)

14. You Know Everything And Everyone Close To Your Favs

15. When All Your Friends Meet Your Favs

But you still #believe.

16. When Other Fans In The Fanbase Start Drama…

You just want to vote them all off the internet.

17. When Other Fans Start Leaving The Fanbase…

They obviously were not about that fangirl life.

18. When People Say One Day You’ll Have To Move On

But? Fangirling? Is? Life???

19. But You Know You’ll Never Leave Your Fav

Once a fangirl, always a fangirl.

20. You Defend Your Favs Till The End

If only you could take shovels to concerts…

21. You’ll Never Let Go Of Your Dream Of Meeting Them

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