9 Of The Worst Examples Of Verbal Diarrhea

Most of us know when we need to shut up, but some people just have no idea. Check out some terrible instances of verbal diarrhea, and watch the premiere of The CW’s new show, “Emily Owens, M.D.,” tonight at 9/8c to see if there’s a cure for this heinous disease.

1. Paula Abdul’s Crazy Interview Promoting “American Idol”

In January of 2007, Abdul tried really hard to promote the new season of “American Idol,” but failed miserably and was SO loopy that the women interviewing her actually thought other people (besides them!) were trying to talk to her.

2. The Radio Interview When Charlie Sheen First Said “Winning”

It was back in February of 2011, while on the phone with Alex Jones. It was essentially the moment that inspired him to keep talking for about a year.

3. The Time Courtney Stodden And Dough Hutchison Tried To Explain Their Marriage

They really are just like every other couple who got married in June of 2011!

4. The Time Danny Devito Was On “The View” And Said The White House Was Built Well

This happened in November of 2006, after Devito said he’d spent all night doing limoncello shots with George Clooney. I feel like if that’s what happened, this could’ve been much worse?

5. The Time Kanye West Talked For 10 Minutes After Saying He Was Here To “Make Music”

We’ve come to expect this from Kanye, but this speech (which took place in November of 2010 at the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” release concert in New York) is just phenomenal.

6. The Time Anthony Weiner Denied Sending A Girl A Picture Of Himself In Underpants By Saying “Photos Can Be Manipulated”

After Anthony Weiner tweeted a picture of a man’s nether region in a pair of boxer briefs in June of 2011 he went on all sorts of news outlets and tried explaining that since pictures can be manipulated, there was no way for him to know if the photo was of him or not. Bless him.

7. This Completely Racist Rant Michael Richards Gave During A Comedy Set

In November of 2006, Richards got…really upset when he was heckled during his comedy set at the Laugh Factory Comedy Club in Los Angeles. He later apologized for being ridiculously racist on “The Late Show With David Letterman,” but the audience laughed the whole time.

8. This Whole Thing Todd Akin Said About “Illegitimate Rape”

Who could forget this incredibly precise and accurate almost-three-minute explanation of how the female body works?

9. And Finally, The Time Sarah Palin Couldn’t Stop Talking About Russia

Because she’s just THIS CLOSE to it! ALL THE TIME.

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